The Challenges of Making Money As a Freelancer With Upwork Compared to Being an Employee for a Minimum Wage Job

One thing that people have to face when they start working as a freelancer is that they have to figure out something that is going to maximize their earnings. Many freelancers start out making very little if any amount of money at a time because they have to figure themselves out. Even with opportunities from Upwork, there is going to be a little bit of time before they actually start making a living at what they are doing. This is one of the reasons that it is important for people to make sure that they are making money before they stop being an employee.

The good news is that when working for Upwork, the individual can work beyond normal hours and bring in some extra money. He will have a lot of extra money that he can put towards a vacation or some other goals he might have. This is one very attractive aspect of money making opportunities like Upwork. People who have talent can really shine at this opportunity. For one thing, they will make more than just the minimum wage. Therefore, they can actually make a living from what they are doing and not worry about their bills.

While being an employee is a lot easier for most people, one thing that they have to put up with is having to work someone else’s schedule. Another thing is that there are some places that change the schedule at the last minute. This can cause a lot of frustration for the worker. The worst part is that he is only making enough money to just pay off all of his bills. When people choose Upwork as a means to make income, they can make more than minimum wage as long as they are diligent and focused on what they are doing.


As Ian King Watches New Investors Enter The Market

There’s roughy $500 billion worth of the world’s capital invested in cryptocurrencies.

The rise of the “empowered investor” is something that Ian King of Banyan Hill Publishing is looking at with an analytical mind. There’s a wide market for digital money, and each factor, where the financial world changes, is via public access. The new investor doesn’t have the skills of Ian King to say the least, but they do have access. Learn more about Ian King at Crunchbase.

Ian trades with over 20 years of experience. He got his start as a mail-room clerk and moved his way up within the Salomon Brothers firm. This Wall Street education gives Ian a unique perspective on the markets forming around cryptocurrencies. That market is being built on the identity of a new investor with money to spend.

Why Investors Have An Easy Access Point

Wall Street brokers often require forms of identification and a minimum balance before you have access to their platforms and trading charts. This isn’t the case with electric coins like ehtereum and ripple. Ian suggests that mobile Apps like Coinbase offer anyone direct access to trading cryptocurrencies.


Ian sees that the future of the financial world will be changed by this model and as corporate trading platforms have to compete for attention. King also highlights that there are risks involved. The investors in crypto don’t have the experience of Wall Street professionals or the tools that modern brokers provide their traders with.

The Importance Of These Changes According To Ian King

These changes are important and what got Ian to leave his Wall Street hedge firm management role. He left “Main Street” in order to capitalize on the forming trends around cryptocurrencies. His success has led him to share his secrets and systems through a new partnership with Banyan Hill Publishing.

Banyan Hill publishes financial news, advice and market changes. This publisher has a wide selection of products that keep traders up-to-date with the markets and how currencies of all kinds are moving. It often takes this type of insight to maximize the trading of cryptocurrencies and to avoid the large risks that currently exist.

Ian King provides his trading strategy base on proven techniques he learned as a financial professional. These techniques bring him to watch the markets and to generate profit where others are consistently in the red. Read more at Release Fact.

It pays to hear his words and to consider the advice of a true professional.

Neurocore Brain Performance; Assessing your Mental Health

Mental health includes a person’s emotional, psychological as well as social well-being. Moreover, mental health affects the manner in which a person handles life’s situations including how they feel, think or make certain choices. With that said, mental health is a critical aspect in life and every individual needs to consider accessing it for their well being. For that reason, Neurocore Brain Performance Centers was established to offer mental health services for clients. The company provides major data-driven and brain-based training programs and assessments for patients. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.


Describing Neurocore


Established in 2004, Neurocore is a mental health provider that has vastly become a national authority based on providing applied neuroscience alongside brain performance assessment in Florida. With every passing year, the company understands that it is quite difficult to stop fretting about mental health given that it encompasses future memory loss alongside the fact that it actually shows signs. While memory problems as well as cognitive impairment are some of the leading characteristics of mental health issues, new research indicates that this is not entirely factual because there is a possibility of being able to grow a person’s brain. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

What Customers Say


Besides Neurocore Brain Performance offers a 45-minute feedback system that allows clients to be trained and tested through their brain ability. With this system, a client watches a movie while the brain speed is set within the average therapeutic range. Immediately it takes a different position perhaps out of range, the set movie pauses. This is an indication that your brain is not in balance. There is also a 30-session program that allows the brain to stop spiking within dangerous ranges. In return the brain picks up the signals to function properly. Through biofeedback, clients have learned to take deep breathes while alternating them with slower ones in order to maximize their heart function.


The Observation


As an individual, you are special and Neurocore is there to focus on getting you to a healthy docket. To achieve this, the company utilizes their comprehensive assessment tools to establish the underlying causes appended to your mental health disorder. Similarly, the team analyses the information in your brain thereby allowing the management to offer tailored training programs that will improve your brain.


Infinity Group Australia Helping The Poor Financial Deals

This is an organization operating in Australia and it was created so that it could help the citizens to reduce their debts, secure their future and create wealth. The success came from the creation of a relationship with integrity, trust, passion, and care. The organization believes in most of the families to be receiving poor deals from the financial institutions and it drives to fix it. The founder of the organization is Graeme Holm.


Graeme holm is a man who has been in financial service field for more than 15 years. He is described in the list of people known to have completed credentials when it comes to financial planning, real estate and capital at large. In more than 10 years, Graeme Holm has been able o serve banking environment. The reason that appalled Graeme to be able to start the organization was due to the offer from the financial services, where they could offer poor deals especially to most of the families that are in the country. It is an inspiration that he got and he talked much about it in an interview.


In the interview, Graeme Holm was able to make the difference that is existing between Infinity and traditional broker. The first different thing is how the approach of things start. In the organization, they seek details which surround the household expenses and also the outgoing needs of the family without only looking at wants. The group is able to work with its clients after multiple meetings so that they can understand and then assist them to implement a weekly budget for the necessities which are not limited to fuel, travel expenses, entertainment, and groceries. After the application has been approved and then the loan becomes settled, then that is the end of a traditional broker and it is the point where Infinity Group will start. The clients are given personal banker who will help them to pay their loan very quickly and as soon as possible. The greatest achievement of the year was to reduce $96,271 which was for 1 year that was from a certain young couple. The organization will provide a monthly performance report to its clients which will enable them to ascertain whether they can adjust their family budget or check whether they are performing according to their expectation and goals. The other thing is that the clients are also given six months review to ensure that there are commitment and success which will help to reduce the family mortgage.


The infinity Group approach has been approached differently by the borrowers where most of them love it. The reason is that they can now get a good time to work, give themselves time to spend with their loved ones and in the end, their bills are taken care of. This is a way that they have managed to reduce the stress experienced by the borrowers. Learn more:


The organization has even been nominated for awards like Optus Business Awards that took place in 2017 due to their customer service experience. This is something that has reflected the company that they lack clients but have financial family members.




Wesley Robert Edens, popularly known as Wes, attended the State University of Oregon where and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Business Administration in the year 1984. He is an American businessman who owns a sports team and deals with private equity investments. His career began in 1987 where he was a partner and M.D at Lehman Brothers until 1993, joining BlackRock until 1997 and later founded the Fortress Investment Group in 1998. Wes Edens led the purchase of Springleaf Financial Services, a subprime lender, under the Fortress Company. He is the Chairman of Nationstar Mortgage and purchased Milwaukee in 2014. Husband to Lynn and a father of four, and has hobbies that include horse jumping and mountain climbing.

Wes Edens is the Co-Founder of Fortress Investment Group, and the Chief Officer of Investment in Private Equity, Private Equity’s President, Principal, Head of Private equity and Co-Chairman since 2009 August. He is also Co-chief Executive officer since 2017 December and responsible for alternative business investments both publicly traded and private equity. The headquarters of Fortress Investment Group location is New York, and offices founded all around the world. Since April 1998 to 22nd July 2003, Wes Edens was Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Investment Group, current Co-Chairman and Principal of Fortress Credit Corporation, chairman of the Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors (20th May 2015 to 2nd May 2016), Director of Fortress Investment Group from November 2006, and the fortress crown castle international corporation. He is also the co-owner of Milwaukee Bucks, making his salary $54.4 million on a yearly basis.

This amount totals from Fortress Investment Group’s $13.4 million and $41 million received dividends as a shareholder of 63.3 million shares of the stock of the company. Wes Edens owns an NBA franchise within the e-sport, which consists of ten teams selected permanently as members of the League championship series in North America, for the Legend’s League. After the game is over, he offers advice on management of their multi-billion contracts and how to avoid financial crises or bankruptcy, on pro-bono services. The FlyQuest team’s location is Wisconsin’s Milwaukee. Employees within the Fortress Investment Group Limited Company describe their working environment as challenging, yet friendly, facilitating more teamwork and enhancing better communication. They highlight the opportunities given such as exposure in their areas of work. Interns receive the chance to learn from a group of investment professionals.

Rodrigo Terpins Continues To Glow On the Brazilian Rallying Scene

Few people in Brazil will fail to recognize the name Rodrigo Terpins. He has made a name for himself as one of the most successful rally drivers in the country. He is a high achiever in the rallying business. Rodrigo Terpins is also reported to be an enthusiast of the adrenaline rush effect of rallying. He has made a name for himself from his high performance in the Bull Sertoes Rally. He comes from a sporting family. Jack Terpins, his father, is an accomplished former basketball player. He has a sibling in the rallying sport too. Michel Terpins is a fine rally ace too. He and his brother Michel are part of the Tea Bull Sertoes Team. So far, the siblings have impressed on the rallying scene. They have driven together to post some of the best times by local drivers in the rally. The duo loves to use the T-Rex Engine which has been tweaked for off-road events. T-Rex is manufactured by MEM Motorsport. Check out




Rodrigo Terpins’ Recent Adventures



Rodrigo participated in the recent Bull Sertoes Rally. He drove with Fabricio Manchiana. The rally star posted a great finishing time and clinched the 8th position. The 22nd Edition ran for over 2600 kilometers. The roads crisscrossed several states and passed through some of the toughest segments that some drivers described as the most grueling of rallies since they started auto-racing. The duo emerged third in the T1 prototype category. Overall, there were 38 teams in the competition. The rally drew drivers from across the globe. It was termed as the biggest of them on Brazilian soil. Rodrigo Terpins quipped after the race that they were keen on making sure that they adapt to the terrain as soon as possible. He said that it was not easy adapting and making sure that they kept monitoring the developments during the race. Rodrigo joined the excited fans in celebrating what he termed as an achievement beyond what they had expected to attain.



Rodrigo Terpins’ Education and Career



He was born in Sao Paulo. He studied at St. Hilaire University where he pursued Corporate Management and Governance. He has worked for several corporate organizations including Lojas Marisa. He became president and later left to start his own venture.


Academy of Art University Center for Technological Innovation

Academy of Art University is well known for innovative training where students are equipped with creative skills. Some of the career training offered comprises of entertainment, liberal arts, design and even fine arts. However, the areas of specializations are so many giving the students high exposure to technology innovation. The School of Game Development (GAM) enables learners to develop appropriate technological skills in their career. Most recently, there was a presentation where augmented reality so that it can have a significant to the residents. It was an application for the smartphone called Tenderfeels.

The introduction of this application was timely since San Francisco is termed to be unsafe due to crime and violent cases. And the students from the Academy of Art University utilize that opportunity to showcase their technical talent and present the Tenderfeels since it will assure safety to the residents. With the use of augmented reality, the application is expected to provide real-time results, and that benefits the society. It is not complicated to use since there are manuals even the videos so that the users can efficiently follow and know how to use it effectively.

Academy of Art University was founded in 1929, and its primary objective was to instill skills to students so that they can become artists that are professional. In so doing they encouraged hard work and dedication to students so that they can emerge to be competent professionals in the industry of innovation technology.

This university produces reliable young professionals because they consider state of the art facilities and curriculum in their training. So many students have graduated from Academy of Art University and hired by the top companies such as Apple, Zynga, and Nike to mention a few. This is an indication the skills that the graduates have from the Academy of Art University is in line with what is required in the market industry currently.

The management of Academy of Art University led by President Dr. Elisa Stephen makes this institution to be competent with remarkable reputation. It is accredited and has over 18,000 students that work hard to get the best out of that school.

Find out more about Academy of Art University:

GoBuyside (NY Recap)

Have you ever been lost at sea? Hopefully not. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses are being ‘lost at sea’ financially; they’re finding themselves more and more financially shipwrecked.

Don’t let the above happen to your business, and it won’t unless you hire the right type of corporate talent. One business that is helping many corporations stay on a stable economic course, especially investments and hedge fund corporations is GoBuyside. Follow GoBuyside on Instagram.

GoBuyside was established in 2011, and since that time it has helped literally thousands of businesses to stay financially afloat, it has won the high praises of investments and hedge fund firms everywhere.

You can contact GoBuyside by going to its trusted website, signing up, and you’ll begin to see how Gobuyside is helping a lot of businesses stay in business. And if you want to learn more about what this amazing company is doing, you can go to to learn about the 7 challenges recruitment firms face in finding raw talent and how GoBuyside is proving to be up to the challenge.

GoBuyside knows how tough it is for many firms today, and that’s why they’re here to offer their qualified assistance. They can show your firm how to find investment professionals that will be an asset to your business, not a liability, and in these tough economic times the last thing investment firms need are liabilities. Follow GoBuyside on

So go online now, sign up, and start to see the benefits of choosing top talent in keeping your firm alive and financially solvent.

Yes, you really can weather the stormy seas of commerce, you just need the right crew, and now you know you can find it by going to GoBuyside, you can either contact them online, or if you want to meet their staff in person, you can go to their New York office located @ 260 Madison Avenue, right in the very epicenter of midtown Manhattan, near Grand Central Terminal.

No, it’s not easy to stay afloat in today’s uncertain economy, but at least you have the qualified you need to stay financially stable and to stay ahead of your competitors. Go Buyside today!


Famous Dou Artistst, The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers are a duo group that consists of band members Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. They formed in 2012, and put out their first hit In 2014, which was their single “Selfie.” Selfie was on the top of the charts for weeks and was in the top twenty singles in several different countries. Their next big single was featured in October of 2015 which was their song “Roses.” Roses reached the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Then, “Don’t let me down” was their first top 5 hits on the charts, and landed them their first Grammy. One of their latest songs “Closer” was their first hit to reach number one on the charts. They also won several different awards. Their breakout peaked in 2013-2014 and they started performing live performances. The Duo group has featured different famous artists in their songs to sing them until former member Andrew took over and became their singer.

Before the chainsmokers became famous for their music, Alex pall did DJing as a side job. He loved DJing, but it seemed more like fun than it did a job to him. He finally decided after a while that he wanted to make a career out of his love for music. He let his manager know that he wanted to pursue his dream shortly, and so he did.

Andrew Taggart was in college when his big break came. He wanted to pursue a career in Muci after graduating in the state of Maine, but his big break came sooner than he thought. He was one day told about the chainsmokers needing another member and Andrew instantly sought out after his career. He met Alex’s manager which introduced him to Alex, and they went to his apartment and started creating music. It didn’t take long for them to start creating top chart music.

OSI Food Solutions’ Make It Happen Mentality

OSI Food Solutions, a leading wholesaler of food products, has made a huge imprint on modern-day society. This phenomenal company has literally taken over the game and there seems to be no slowing-down in the immediate future. This company came into existence back in 1909. Otto Kolschowski, a German immigrant, is the epitome of a hard worker. This man, and his family operated the business with plenty of success as it sold some of the best meat products. These meat products were very high in quality. McDonald’s jumped on the bandwagon and started buying meats from the company, and the two entities have remained loyal clients of each other to this very day.

Who else has OSI worked with? OSI Food Solutions has a proven history of success. The company has also worked with the prominent brands of Burger King, Starbucks, Subway, Yum, Papa John’s Pizza and Pizza. This list can literally go on and on for days. One of the company’s biggest and best moves was when it acquired stake in Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe needs no introduction as it is a major supplier of food products in U.K. Flagship Europe specializes in the production of marinades, dips, dressings and sauces. In addition to that, the company offers frozen poultry and award-wining pies. With this acquisition, OSI has strengthened its position in the United Kingdom’s marketplace. These new possibilities will definitely help OSI with serving its foreign customers.

Tyson Foods, an Arkansas supplier of meat products, is one of the top names in the business. In 2016, Tyson Foods’ plant in Chicago was purchased by OSI Food Solutions for up to $7.4 million. The 200,000-square-foor facility will offer ample amounts of space, and it’s near OSI’s headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. As you can see, OSI Food Solutions is surely making business moves for the future and only time will tell what it has in store next.

Contact OSI Food: