Introducing Sweetgreen’s Model of Fast Food

Sweetgreen’s new model of fast food service ticks all boxes of excellence in the modern food industry- organic, fresh, local and healthy. Customers have come to like the salad recipes at all 40 locations of the restaurant chain. One of the founders, Nathaniel Ru says that the restaurant’s biggest objective is to feed more people with healthy food.


Among things that traditional food stores could learn from Sweetgreen is perhaps its deployment of technology. As of February 2016, 30% of the restaurant’s transactions were being made via its mobile app and website. Ru maintains that technology has always been a part of their DNA.


Nathaniel Ru established Sweetgreen in August 2007 together with co-CEOs Nicholas Jammet and Jonathan Neman. All three are children of entrepreneurs and say that their idea was informed by the need to create more and better food options for residents of Georgetown. It looks like the entire country may as well benefit from their healthy green and salad preparations.


The three met at Georgetown University where they had been studying entrepreneurship. Three years after graduating, the restaurant’s first location was born in Georgetown. The outfit has attracted notable investors among them Danny Meyer and Steve Case. By October 2016, the trio had opened 63 more stores across the United States.


Nathaniel Ru was recently interviewed by the Fortune Magazine. He brags that his outfit stands for something- providing various nutritious options of salads. Ru states that management is not easy but can be lighter when there is a team of like-minded individuals at the helm. He advises youngsters to read more books.


Apart from technological expertise, the restaurant owners aim at connecting with customers. In fact, Sweetgreen has no headquarters. Instead, there are mere offices at each restaurant. The owners close their offices and work at the chains to communicate, serve and engage with customers.


There is a hip and modern company culture at Sweetgreen. Managers are referred to as coaches while other employees are called team members. Managers and CEOs personally visit farmers to ensure high-quality production of salads at the farms.


The co-founders say that they sell not just salad and lettuce, but a brand and a lifestyle. The fact that the founders and employees are disciplined makes the restaurant trend-setting.


The combination of healthy fresh food and intuitive technology in ordering makes the restaurant outstanding. In future, it hopes to open more branches across the country and spread its popular vibe.

The College Basketball Betting

Are you one of the individuals who are looking for different ways of betting? The gambling world has undergone several changes, from betting on lottery tickets to betting in many other industries. Betting is one of the latest inventions in gambling, and people are earning a lot of money through this platform. People are now having fun and making money in sports betting. Once you have started betting on sports, it’s hard to hold back.

The basketball tournament is one of the popular betting games among bettors today. If you have just joined the industry, college basketball betting is the safest and best field to venture into. First of all, learning the basics of the field should be your top priority.

People who have been in the college basketball betting can tell you that it is fun, but one should never get besieged by their emotions. To be on the safe side always, it is crucial for a player to do some careful research on various factors in the team performance. Experts say that this is one of the best ways to enhance the chances of winning.

If you realize that your close friend is playing for one of the teams that have an average winning record, do not be tempted to look at the team. The most important thing is to focus on the winner. This means that you should only be loyal to yourself and not to other parties or groups. Never bet on a team just because you want to prove your loyalty because you will end up with a lot of disappointments.

If you want to be on the safe side always, it is also important to abide by some rules. This will also give you fair chances of willing. In college basketball betting, bettors do not need any diagnostic power. It is very easy to find relevant information about the performance of different teams and the team members. Before the tournaments start, it is crucial to check that all the members of the team are completely free from injuries. A small injury on one of the main players can be a disaster to your chances of winning a bet.

If you want to learn and also understand more about basketball betting, it is advisable to check the site. All the information is provided in, and you can enhance your chances of winning just by following the steps provided.

Malini Saba: Businesswoman and Mom

Who is Malini Saba? Well, she is a very successful Asian business woman who has a great impact not just on business and commerce in Asia, but in the entire world. She is also known as one of the greatest entrepreneurs and philanthropists in South Asia.


She is the chairman of Saban, a company that has lots of holdings and assets, such as holdings in technology companies in the US, oil and gas in China, and properties in Australia and India. She also started Stree: Global Investments in Women. This organization helps women in places like Asia, Africa, India, and Eastern Europe have access to the healthcare and legal services they are in need of. Stree: Global Investments in Women has been inaugurated by President Bill Clinton of the United States and Queen of Jordan Noor.


Malini Saba has faced many obstacles in her path to success, but she knew that she can never give up. When she first started, there were corrupt people who were trying to force her out of a particular area. She did not give up. She fought back, and her efforts paid off.


She started off by investing in more than twenty companies from the Silicon Valley, such as Paypal, Netscreen Technologies and Sycamore Networks. She eventually grew her business and is now an extremely wealthy and successful individual. She does not use her money just for business, but she donates large amounts of it.


She is one of the greatest philanthropists in Asia, as mentioned above. For example, she has donated a million dollars to start the world’s first Heart Research Center for South Asians at El Camino Hospital. This hospital is located in Mountain View, CA. She also donated ten times that amount, or ten million dollars, to residents of Sri Lanka and India in areas that were devastated by tsunamis in 2004.


She starts her days at five in the morning, so that she can contact her associates in Asia across the world. Ste then, at seven o’clock, makes time for her daughter and walks her to school, making time to talk and chat and become close and provide her daughter with a mother relationship. She also makes sure to pick up her daughter from school at three in the afternoon, because she does not believe in nannies.


Indeed, Saba is both a businesswoman, a philanthropist, and a mother to her daughter.