Mark Sparks Continues To Inspire Young Entrepreneur To Pursue Their Dreams

Mark Sparks is a great example of some of the entrepreneurs who reaped great benefits from perseverance and sticking with their dreams. His success is self-made and he encourages upcoming entrepreneurs to consider working on elevating their status in the industry and working to build successful and strong empires that will serve the world for decades.

Having worked as an entrepreneur for over three decades, Mark Sparks has amassed a lot of skills and experience that places him among those entrepreneurs who can be consulted on vital issues that affect business.

His idea of business is sticking to one’s passion and diligently following the plans the individual puts in place for the business. His journey in entrepreneurship has been crowned by success despite the fact he never proceeded for college education.

This explains why he is also writing a book that seeks to inspire everyone to pursue their dreams, citing that everyone and succeed if the needed energy is applied. Mark Sparks has also been able to come up with a system that helps upcoming entrepreneurs to build their ideas and become successful individuals.

Through his venture capital, he offers talented individuals with great ideas a platform where they can showcase the ideas they have so they can get funding and support from experts to help the idea to grow. In this spirit, Mark Sparks also offers advice and guidance to entrepreneurs who think their businesses are not growing or are facing hard economic times.

The success that he enjoys is a testimony to the fact that everyone with an idea can make it. He used to consult with many people who had made success and through these interactions he came across several ideas that allowed him to manage his businesses better.


Apart from being a successful entrepreneur and supporting talent, Mark Sparks has also been into philanthropy. He is a philanthropic individual who works with several foundations that support the needy. In the Dallas region, he is among entrepreneurs who are heavily engaged offering services to support philanthropy.

His foundation, The Samaritan Inn, has been among the most vocal in working with the homeless and offering the needy support to access new opportunities for growth and development. He finds it rewarding to give back to the world and to help those who are not privileged enough to access opportunities for growth and to make their lives better like the rest.

How Shea Butter Benefits the Hair


The Benefits of Shea Butter


Most women struggle with dry and flaky skin at one time or another. For most of us, this problem seems to hit during the winter when the air is especially dry.

Furthermore, specific areas of your body like the elbows, feet and knees may be especially affected by winter dryness. To fix these issues, many women turn to store-bought lotions and moisturizers, but did you know that there’s a better alternative?


It’s called shea butter, and it’s not only amazing for your skin, but it can also greatly benefit the quality of your hair. If you tend to have lackluster hair that often looks dull and dry or lots of split ends, shea butter is wonderful for a laying down each individual strand’s cuticle. This creates a lovely, shiny look that any woman would be envious of.


Where to Find the Best Shea Butter


Many women who are looking to transform their skin and hair with shea butter remain unsure about which brand of shea butter to purchase. My recommendation is to purchase shea butter from EuGenia Shea. If you’ve never heard of EuGenia Shea before, this is an amazing company. The company was started in northern Ghana, a country in Africa.


It was founded by the female members of a family in Ghana who had a love for shea butter, and those same family members still own and operate EuGenia Shea today. All of the products from this company are 100 percent organic and all-natural. Their products make great gifts, or they are perfect for yourself. The products from EuGenia Shea are especially wonderful for women who are pregnant or nursing. Shea butter can be amazing for your hair and skin, but it can also help to prevent stretch marks on your stomach from birth and stretch marks on your breasts during pregnancy and breast-feeding.


If you would like to order products from EuGenia Shea, simply visit their website where you will find all of their amazing offerings at your fingertips. Finally, don’t forget that shea butter from Eugenia Shea makes an amazing gift for any woman in your life.

The Humble Beginnings of Sweetgreen and Its Achievements So Far

In March 2014, Wharton University published an article detailing crucial information about the establishment and operations of Sweetgreen. The company details were as extracted from the speeches of Nathaniel Ru and Theresa Dold who were in attendance at the Wharton Marketing conference around that time.


According to Nathaniel Ru, the idea of Sweetgreen, was born out of the need to access a fun and easy, yet healthy place to eat out. Ru and the fellow co-founders were in their final year at Georgetown University in Washington and always had difficulties finding a fun place to eat healthy meals. They would always wonder if the solution to their problem lay in a 560 square foot tavern M Street at the heart of the downtown area. Surprisingly, the idea came to live six years later.


When they first shared the idea with the landlady of the tavern, she did not buy into it. What followed was a whole month of daily calls from the three senior students of Georgetown University trying to convince the landlady that their idea was worthwhile. They would call the lady, in turn, every day for a month until she agreed to meet them in person. Perhaps, the persistence portrayed here is one of the things that has contributed to the current growth and expansion that Sweetgreen has experienced since then,


The head of digital marketing, Theresa Dold, who also graduated from Georgetown University, explained that Sweetgreen is more than just a salad bar. She said that the fast salad chain markets itself not just as a place to buy food, but rather as a “why” company. It was created with a deeper purpose – to impact the lives of its customers positively. The primary purpose of the restaurant also drives its marketing approach. Dold said that the chain aims at becoming a mix of social, smart, sexy, and local. Sweetgreen has an amazing line of juices and a music festival every year.


As explained by Ru, the company works hard to make sure that all the stores of Sweetgreen live up to its core values. The five core values are (1) Win, win, win; (2) thinking sustainably; (3) Keeping it real; (4) A touch of sweetness and (5) Making an impact.


The restaurant also markets itself as a lifestyle brand. Apart from the music food festival, the company also partners with other players in the healthy lifestyle industry. For example, they hold yoga classes in restaurants. They also hold promotional activities for gyms and fitness clubs where they refer their customers to instructors, who might also refer their customers to Sweetgreen.


About Nathaniel Ru

He graduated with a bachelor of science in finance. Together with his two other friends from the University, they co-founded Sweetgreen in 2007, where he serves as a co-chief executive officer. Apart from Sweetgreen, Ru has substantial investments in four other companies namely LOLA, Bond Street, EatPops, and MeUndies. He is also the principal of sweetlife ventures, an annual music and food festival that attracts 20000 attendees. The festival is built around the importance of good living and health of the community, as well as sustainability.

Wen By Chaz Has The World’s Most Unique Formula

There are quite a few women out there who are looking for a way to make their hair come alive again. They are seeking a shampoo they know will help them fix their hair after years of damage, and they will find what they need in WEN Hair by Chaz. This article explains how the shampoo works, and there is a look at hoe Chaz Dean brought it to life.

#1: Finding Women With Problem Hair

Women who have problem hair have looked for ages for hair care products that will suit them, and they are hoping for a shampoo that will wash them well at any time. WEN Hair by Chaz works really well, and it helps women when they know they must stop the endless cycle of damage.

#2: The Conditioner

Chaz Dean insisted on putting a conditioner in the shampoo, and he is ensuring women may wash their hair well with a bottle that is quite simple to use. These women are looking for something that requires very little product on, and they have found it in Wen by Chaz. The shampoo requires a drop that will help make hair lather, and women may wash their hair with ease. Anyone who has trouble with their hair will feel a difference as the shampoo sinks into their scalp, and they will enjoy using it every day as their hair improves.

#3: How Does Hair Recover?

WEN Hair works because it helps make hair thicker than it was before. The hair will begin to grow in a way that it did not before, and the hair will have stronger roots. Hair darkens when it is washed in this manner, and a lady with frizzy hair will have more hair than she may manage. It will be time to have her hair trimmed or thinned, and she may use the product until her hair is so voluminous that she must change her style completely.

The woman who is trying to fix her hair must use a proper shampoo, and she will have it in Wen by Chaz. The brand on Twitter was built by Chaz Dean to help women who cannot control their hair, and it helps hair grow into a mane that will be quite a lot of fun to style. See:

Nathaniel Ru – article recap

Sweetgreen is a popular fast-casual restaurant that caters to urban professionals, and is clustered in the chic enclaves within New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Boston, and California, (primarily in Silicon Valley). The chain, which has become a leader in sustainability and local food sourcing, was founded by Nathaniel Ru, a 2007 graduate of the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University, along with two fellow alumni. Ru, along with Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet, continue to lead the ever-growing company. The trio is based in Washington, DC but maintain homes in New York City’s Soho neighborhood, and Los Angeles.


Mr. Ru, and his partners, started the chain in Washington, DC, not far from Georgetown University, where they met, and centered the restaurant’s offerings around local, sustainable ingredients, with an overall theme of eco-consciousness. Mr Ru explains that a visit to local farmers comes first when sweetgreen is considering a move into a new market area. Supply chain and product availability drive their decision making processes, and relationships with their providers is key to the success of the chain.


Sustainability, locally sourced ingredients, and a strong sense of community are the driving factors of Sweetgreen, and many attribute their continued growth and success to these principals. The three founders strongly believe that it is important to offer a dining option that fits its clients’ belief systems, both as a restaurant and as a member of the larger community.


In addition to their continued growth and guidance of sweetgreen, the three partners have also ventured into the music and food festival arena. With sweetlife, Ru, Neman, and Jammet, have created an event that is a celebration of great music and good food. Started in 2010, the festival continues to draw enormous crowds, while celebrating sustainable lifestyles and food options, all with a carbon-neutral footprint!


Nathaniel Ru is a prime example of a successful entrepreneur who looks at the big picture. Ru’s passion for ecologically sound business practices truly sets him apart, and Georgetown University alumni have a great example of success, whose attitude is worth emulating. As the Millennial generation comes into its own, new paradigms will come to the forefront and take precedence over the old ways of doing business. Nathaniel Ru is the embodiment of the ecologically and socially responsible business owner who is mindful of the impact, both positive and negative, that his business dealings have on the world.


Keith Mann: A Successful Entrepreneur and Humanitarian

Keith Mann is one of the people in the world who are quick to identify and exploit business gaps. For him the beginning of a good business lies in the ability to see what the people need and use this to create a good business. As such, Keith Mann is a successful director and CEO of Dynamics search partners where he helps the company’s with staffing, marketing, investment and internal strategy professionals.

The company was formed when Keith discovered that there was a rapid growing market in the hedge fund industry. It was solely to serve alternative investment firms. Before this, he worked at Dynamics Executive Search as a managing director. At this firm Keith helped to hire staff for all kinds of financial firms. He has worked in the executive search industry for over 15 years and is now an expert in hedge fund staffing, compensation and hiring strategy. It is with this knowledge that he was able to start his own company and make it very successful. Keith attributes his success in business to both his working experience and his upbringing that exposed him to the world of business at a very young age.

In addition to his business venture, Keith has shown humanitarian efforts in the way he deals with things that affects the well-being of the people. Over the years, he has contributed to the efforts by the police and activists to reduce violence in streets. In one of the instances he sympathized with the police trying to handle violence by sending lunch to the New York precinct. Keith is also an outspoken animal advocate and has led by example in his course against animal brutality by sacrificing meat and living a vegan life.

The biggest accomplishment to Keith is assisting students from poor backgrounds. He has partnered up with Uncommon Schools in New York to ensure that such students can access education up to the college level and make something of their life. It is in this spirit that he launched the Keith and Keely Mann scholarship for such students. Keith is a humbled man who has done nothing but serve the people of New York to the best of his ability.