The Buzz about Whitney Wolfe and the Bumble Dating App

The thing that most women will remember about Whitney Wolfe is that she made it possible for people to experience dating in a completely different way. So far, there are more than 11 million users that have decided that Bumble is the app that they will use for meeting someone through technology. This has become the app that is getting a lot of buzz and gaining attention from people of all walks of life because of the way that this app works.

The great thing that has made this app much more fun for women is the simple fact that women are in control. They are the ones that have the ability to answer messages or swipe and get rid of messages. If they get rid of messages they will not have to worry about seeing anything from these men again. That definitely is very helpful for women that are tired of getting messages from people that they’re not interested in connecting with. Whitney Wolfe knew that this was something that was going to really change the dating app game. She already knew what it was like with traditional apps, and she did not want to be another traditional app entrepreneur.

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Whitney Wolfe stands on her own as someone that delivers content that is very innovative. All of this has to do with her desire to branch out on her own after her time with Tinder. As far as Whitney Wolfe is concerned, she believed that she had something to prove. She had already made a name for herself as a co-founder of Tinder, but now it was time to branch out and become the sole founder of her own dating app. Whitney Wolfe has taken a lot of joy in doing what naysayers believed that she could not do.



Women Waiting To Apply The Best WEN Product By Chaz For Their Damaged Lock

Hair problems at this century are something that is common to all women. With certain perspective, it is mandatory to look out what is the specific issue you are having. You may be having several problems but may fail in identifying it. This can make the problem go severe. However, all of you belong from a different climate, and very importantly lifestyles of each differ. It is mandatory to get sorted with the specific details about your entire lifestyle, profession, and climate before your hair problem is treated.

With a particular perspective, you may hop from one stylist it other but, you may fail to take the right care. Imperatively, all best work starts from home. It is knowledgeable to understand that unless you take the right care at home, the task may be difficult. Thus, presently, the internet is being flooded with the cleansing conditioner for your hair. The three primary benefits of using this technique are:

Makes your hair retain the required protein and the required vitamins. The agent that is used to clean the hair does not harm the originality of the hair.

Completes all the action within one. This cleansing conditioner helps in nourishing and thorough cleaning without much time. Finally, you can rinse after the procedure.

It helps in removing the dryness to your hair after cleaning. It keeps the natural oil of the air, and imperatively, this helps in keeping a good volume to your hair.

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There are certain products in the market that can help you to achieve all the right ingredient of your hair. The WEN hair cleansing conditioner by Chaz allows you to have some best hair care regimes. With particular perspectives, this treatment had helped a huge number of people in getting the right friend for their damaged hair. All the WEN products by Chaz are available as per the requirement and texture of your hair. Thus have the best care with Chaz Dean.

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International Board shows diversity!

Wessex Institute is known for its research and the gentleman established onto the board of directors are quite well established in their respective field.   According to  some of the boards members are listed are

  • Professor Dragan Poljak – University of Split, Croatia
  • Professor Jerry J Connor – MIT, USA
  • Professor Patrick de Wilde – University of Brussels, Belgium
  • Professor Daniele de Wrachien – University of Milan, Italy
  • Professor Eckart Schnack – University of Karlsruhe, Germany

Professor Antonio Tadeu – University of Coimbra, Portugal

And Professor Carlos Brebbia is Chairman of the Wessex Institute.

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Troy Mcquagge’s Accomplishments Honored

UShealth Group, Inc. is an insurance company based in Ft. Worth Texas that provides health coverage for small business owners and the self-employed. The company strategic goals lie in providing competitive health insurance products that are affordable to its target market group but profitable to the company. Its current CEO is Troy McQuagge.


McQuagge was recently named CEO of the Year at the One Planet awards. This award is aimed at recognizing organizations for their business and professionalism. These honors are grouped into sections such as executives, new products, and services, PR and marketing among others. The awards are eligible for organizations the world over regardless of size, ownership or orientation i.e. whether profit or non-profit. Receiving the award in whichever category as mentioned above is a great honor to whichever individual or organization named and is a show professional excellence and progress.


McQuagge joined the organization in 2010 where he put into motion his plan to take the company on a new path. His first move was re-building Ushealth Advisors, the company’s captive distribution agency. This move brought about a stream of positive outcomes, which meant only good things for the company, which was on a fast track to growth. He went on to accomplish more strategic moves that would guarantee the company’s upward trajectory and make it a greater force in the health insurance sector. This led to McQuagge’s immediate promotion to President and CEO of UShealth group, Inc. in 2014.


His promotion was not the end of his innovative thinking but instead gave him even greater power at implementing whichever plans he saw best for the company’s interest. During his term as the President, he did an exemplary job. The company registered a great deal of growth and success. It was able to register great margins in the individual health insurance market, which happens to be one of the most competitive markets in the health insurance scene.


McQuagge stated that he was greatly honored to receive such a prestigious award and that though he was the one named winner that the award, in general, was for all members of staff in the company. He also stated that the award was a true demonstration of the company’s effort. He believes that the drive towards affordability for all customers is significant. This poses the biggest challenge in their drive towards innovation in providing wider coverage for the ever-changing customer needs.


Having received the honorary award, McQuagge is one of the top executives to be watched as he strives to better the company in the sector. He is a man not only driven by the prospect of profitability but also the need to provide quality and affordable services to all his customers.

StoneCastle CEO Stephen Rotella

On February 1, 2017, Stone Castle Insured Cash Sweep; a subsidiary of StoneCastle Cash Management, LLC announced its acquisition of insured sweep business which was owned by Intermedium Financial, LLC. Stone Castle Cash management is a top provider of insured deposit services and technology to institutional investors. The acquisition of sweep business from Intermedium is a huge boost for StoneCastle considering that it is one of the leading companies offering insured deposit services and they plan to expand to reach segments such as financial advisor, 401k and broker-dealer.


The chief executive officer of StoneCastle, Stephen Rotella, stated that they plan to be an undifferentiated and disruptive force in the insured sweep industry business. He said that the InterLINK platform, which was part of the transaction, strengthens their technology-driven business and only serves to expand StoneCastle’s distribution options. StoneCastle has one of the largest bank networks in the country and an extensive sales and marketing experience in catering for the needs of institutional clients.

Before Stephen Rotella became head of StoneCastle, he was the president of Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation. He served as the executive vice president of JP Morgan Chase and the chief executive officer of Chase Home Finance, LLC since 2001. From January 10, 2005, to October 2008, Mr. Rotella served as the president and chief operating officer of WMI Holdings. He was the president of retail banking while at WMI Holdings for around four months (June 2008 – October 2008).


At, WMI Holdings, Mr. Rotella was in charge of mortgage, commercial and retail areas of the business. He was also the head of the technology group and oversaw the daily activities at the company. Stephen served as the acting head of home loans division at WMI and was part of the team that formed the community development group at JP Morgan Chase. He was the executive vice president of servicing at Chase Manhattan mortgage company (1991-1998). Stephen Rotella served as the senior vice president of finance, product development, and marketing from 1987 to 1991. Before joining Chase, he worked in the mutual fund, retail brokerage, and systems consulting industries. Stephen holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the State University of New York at Stony Brook.

USHealth Group: A Company Committed To Proving Affordable and Reliable Insurance Covers

Commitment to quality and innovation are some of the core values braced and practised at USHealth Group LLC. The 2016 One Planet Award gold winner is committed to ensuring that their clients get insurance covers that are not only affordable but also available whenever required. The company won the award for their innovation and social corporate responsibility. The company was applauded for their hard work and devotion to ensuring that their clients got innovative health care solutions.

USHealth Group is headed by a team of qualified and skilled leaders. Their current chairman and CEO also won the CEO of the year 2016. One Planet Award awarded him a gold medal for his brilliant leadership and his commitment to the company. At USHealth, team work and spirit are encouraged always, as it is the sole inspiration of innovation and creativity in the company.

USHealth Group targets small business people and low income earners. The company understands the challenges that comes with small entrepreneurs providing insurance covers for their employees. The company therefore provides solutions that cover medical covers, dental check-ups, for both families and individuals. Through their innovative team the company personalizes insurance covers for their clients making sure that they suit their needs and wants.

The company provides compounded services to their clients by availing them to physicians. The company avails customized prescription to their clients to help patients get better medication at cheaper prices. The company also offers practice management that includes IT services accounting, reports and credentialing among others. More interestingly, the company partners with hospitals to provide surgical services to clients that include provision of implants and biologics.

USHealth Group has been celebrated and awarded for their services. For more than seventy years in practise, the company continues to do great by their clients. In order to do so the company works alongside various firms. The Freedom Life Insurance Company of America is a subsidiary that helps the company come up with customized insurance covers for their clients.

USHealth Advisors is another subsidiary in the USHealth Group of Companies that deals solely with their marketing. The company makes sure that they deal with the product portfolio and makes sure that the products are well advertised ad they reach their clients as soon as they are launched. The company also handles sales of the company by incorporating technology into the department.


The success of the company can be attributed to the devotion and commitment of the company’s employees. These include the sales agents that work tirelessly to avail these covers too their clients in various parts of the country. Sales agents are guaranteed bonuses and an attractive remuneration that motivates them to keep going to ensure that clients get the best covers.



OSI Group Has Earned It’s Place Among Companies

The OSI Group has a reputation that has been built over many decades. The company originated from humble beginnings. It was founded by a German immigrant who had a vision for what the distribution industry could be. Otto Kolsckowsky started with a meat market in the early nineteen hundreds. He soon develop his company into a distribution outlet that provided meat to local food businesses around the area. He called it Otto and Sons. They began in Oak Park, Illinois and soon branched out to other regions around the state.

When McDonald’s CEO Ray Kroc was looking to open a restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois, he reached out to Otto and Sons to supply meat to his operation. The business relationship between McDonald’s and Otto and Sons was very successful. The meat distributor understood that they were dealing with an innovative organization. They would have to maintain a similar level of creativity in order to secure there situation. Otto and Sons introduced new business ideas such as cryogenic freezing and the patty cutting machine. Cryogenic freezing and liquid nitrogen tunnels gave Otto and Sons the ability to store large amounts of meat and maintain product freshness.

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This appealed to McDonald’s who had a growing need for supply and was relying on several distributors to get them what they needed. The patty cutting machine enable Otto and Sons to provide McDonald’s with a ready-made product on delivery. Business moves such as this endeared Otto and Sons to Ray Kroc. They eventually became the exclusive distributor of meat to the McDonald’s organization.

Otto and Sons changed their name to OSI Industries in 1975. The company continues to grow and provide opportunity to anyone who is looking to work for a progressive organization. It has hiring post in areas such as Germany, the UK, Poland, Hungary, Asia-Pacific and the United States. The company is dedicated to bringing in diversity in order to remain at the cutting edge of its particular industry.

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Buying Womens Apparel Online from Trusted Source Fabletics

If you have not yet heard about one of the biggest apparel deals on the internet, listen to what shoppers are saying about Fabletics. This company was co-founded by Kate Hudson, and is transforming the way you shop for sports apparel online. Your first purchase at Fabletics for any yoga pants set is only $25 with free shipping, and the deals don’t stop there.


The reason Fabletics is taking over the apparel industry online is how they connect buyers with the apparel they need. Once you receive your first order, you are encouraged to become a VIP member to continue taking advantage of these incredible deals. To become a VIP member, you simply take the Lifestyle Quiz, and then future orders are discounted to $49.95 with free shipping. Those sporting outfits you see elsewhere online for $150+ are only $49.95 at Fabletics.


Each month you will receive an e-mail of a new selection made by the team at Fabletics that matches with your quiz results. Love the outfit and you get it delivered free with discounted prices. If not, shop for a different outfit or you can even skip a month. The flexibility of your VIP membership leaves you in complete control of when and what purchases you make. If you like the idea of a personal shopper picking your apparel for you, then Fabletics will pamper you all year long.


Here are what some other shoppers at Fabletics had to say about their shopping experiences:


Jennifer commented at A Foodie Stays Fit, ” I can not rave enough about the buying process. Not only am I getting my new three-piece yoga sets for a 1/3 of what I spent in the mall, the orders are shipped free to me each time I place my order.”


A reviewer named Carolyn at Trust Pilot says, “Even though you have your own personal shopper picking items based on your quiz answers, nothing ever ships from Fabletics without my approval. Some months I love the selections, other times I just hit the skip this month button and I am good for another month.”


Tina commented at Krazy Coupon Lady, “Once you become a VIP member, the sayings really kick. All my friends have signed up because we spend more money on these sporting outfits to wear at the gym than we do on going out for dinners. Each month we save enough money to treat ourselves to a trip to Atlantic City!”

A Brief Review of Talk Fusion Company

Background information.

Talk Fusion is a marketing solution company all in a single video. The company was formed by Bob Reina who has over twenty years of experience in the network marketing industry. In simple terms, Talk Fusion is an online platform that helps people promote anything including business and job opportunities. Talk Fusion connects one to the world through email marketing and online messaging by just a click. You can, therefore, keep in touch with the world and better shape your life and business at relatively low prices. Talk Fusion is well known for charity and donations, and it has gained recognition from media channels.

Talk Fusion helps in promoting businesses by subscribing videos to other people’s emails, online chats, webinars, blogs and newsletters at lower prices, faster and more efficiently. The video can land to a prospective customer in a way that that is more appealing than a regular text message can. Adding videos to your emails is more attractive to the customers, and this increases the chances of customers buying the product after watching the video. Talk Fusion products are thus helping companies of all sizes and kind to attract more clients and make more sales.

Talk Fusion helps its customers to achieve the following; – Attract new and keep old and royal customers. Gaining a competitive edge over existing competitors in the market which is an added advantage. Increasing brand popularity thus increasing sales as people are trying it out. Increase sales and profits beyond expected range. Increase the number repeated orders. Save a lot of money as Talk Fusion services are way cheaper.

Talk Fusion range of products includes recording videos, choosing a good theme and uploading them on behalf of their clients. Sending video newsletters to the subscribers and a video blogging platform where one can blog whatever they want. A video share platform that allows sharing videos on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.