Adam Milstein Is A Unique Philanthropist Who Has Truly Helped The Jewish Community

Adam Milstein has plenty of experience as an investor in real estate, a creative entrepreneur, a leader in his community, and as a philanthropist. He moved to America in 1981 from Israel and is proud of his Israeli roots. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in business and economics in Israel before coming to the United States and then received an MBA while attending the University of Southern California. Eventually, Adam Milstein became a top real estate investment manager in the Los Angeles area who works in financing, accounting, and positioning. All of this describes his work life pretty well, but there is something else that is of the utmost importance to Adam, and that is where most of his energy is expended in his daily life.

The Philanthropy of Adam Milstein

Early on in his life, Adam Milstein realized that life is meaningless unless you are helping other people. He carried this knowledge with him throughout his life and helped people along the way and eventually decided to do much more. Not only does Adam practice the Jewish practice of “ma’aser rishon,” where a person donates 10% of their income to charities, but his wife and himself also started the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, which has been a huge help to many people. Through the foundation, Adam Milstein donates more than $1 million on a yearly basis to spread of organizations and programs that support non-profits, non-governmental groups, and that combat anti-Semitism. Adam also helped with the founding of the Israeli-American Council, which helps to solidify the bonds between Israelis and Americans and has reached over 100,000 Israeli Americans with its message.

The Way To A Better World

Throughout his life, Adam Milstein has been able to bring together many people that come from different backgrounds, and he also has inspired other philanthropists to do more. His philosophy for philanthropy is that it should be able to help people all of the way from their childhood throughout their adolescence and into their adulthood. He feels like this creates a lasting connection and impression on the person being helped and that this is the best way to begin building a better world for future generations to come.

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Robert Ivy Shows A Lifelong Commitment To Enhancing Buildings

Architecture is very distinguishable from century to century, and the 21st Century has seen many innovative design materials created to help promote stable building infrastructures. Robert A. Ivy has always contributed to the growing Architecture field with innovative ideas.

As Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), he has provided leadership that seeks to enhance the current structures while also putting forth educational initiatives to help the global environment.

There is value in long standing structures, and Robert Ivy has helped to educate the public so that historical buildings are maintained. At the same time, new structures are being built throughout the world. Many countries are looking to build safer structures for residents that can withstand natural disasters. Both emerging world countries along with established countries must maintain quality structures for commercial and residential purposes. Mr. Ivy has developed public awareness for climate change and building sustainability issues with an award winning campaign.

Prior to AIA, Mr. Ivy served as Editor in Chief for Architectural Record. Under his helm, this publication became the most read architectural journal in the world. His accomplishments have garnered him many prestigious awards from organizations, such as the American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award for General Excellence. Mr. Ivy was also honored with the designation of Master Architect from the national architecture fraternity Alpha Rho Chi. He has shown a clear ability to effectively convey Architecture concepts to a variety of audiences.

In addition to his current position at AIA and as the recipient of many honors, Robert Ivy is a published author. His biography Fay Jones: Architect is in it’s third edition. This book details the work of an apprentice who served under Architect Frank Lloyd Wright. He also gives frequent lectures to audiences to help foster a better understanding of how architecture blends into people’s lives. Design does have a proven impact on the overall health of the public. Recent catastrophic events have had AIA focusing on disaster assistance programs. Climate change may also continue to impact the innovations that are being developed for world communities.

Leaders, such as Mr. Ivy, are continuing to assist with the various world issues that are impacting the architectural field to build AIA into a positive and influential organization. The accolades will continue to come for an individual who has proven that commitment to a valuable cause can produce positive change in both the local and global environments.

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