The Importance Of Conversion Rate Optimization For Black Friday

Black Friday takes on a new meaning when incorporated with artificial intelligence, or AI. This is critical for marketers concerned with unpredictable consumption patterns, fickle trends, extreme competition and intelligent conversion rate optimization. There are numerous forms of conversion rate optimization, but AI adds more options. These options determine the best possible goals for a business. The platform integrates real data with live sales systems, so the necessity of gambling on the ideal audience segment or an unproven market theory are eliminated. The impact of conversion rate optimization is the ability to learn how individuals behave and cultivate a specific interaction. This is accomplished by conducting email campaigns, identifying the brand ambassadors, and finding the product images that promote the most conversions.

Both Cyber Monday and Black Friday are considered overloads. Individuals do more online shopping, and consumption increases. As much as 200 percent more traffic may be experienced. Some sectors such as technology may experience a spike of 340 percent. This means the systems must be able to handle increased loads and still remain available. Due to the limited time, the behaviors of consumers will change. This represents a fiercely competitive and highly lucrative sales event. Analysis, gathering data, and conversion rate optimization are critical for success. Consumers want a personalized shopping experience, and this is necessary for a business to remain competitive. Personalization will allow a specific brand to remain in the minds of the consumers.

AI tracks the customer data, determines potential conversions, and provides relevant information. This requires more marketing and multitasking than a business can perform by hand. This includes collecting the user date the moment they interact with a business, integrating the data so webpages can receive necessary improvements, accommodating busy consumers, and gathering form analytics data, mouse tracking and heat maps to establish the interaction with specific content. Conversion rate optimization provides the ability to try product display versions and different site options to find the combination with the most appeal. Behaviors including automated responses, cart abandonment, and email follow-ups promote conversions by guiding the consumer. Understand which challenges are the most important is dependent on gathering and applying relevant data. This technology is defined by AI, pinpoints the issues, and assists businesses in getting past the hurdles. A massive volume of information can be filtered, and the relevant information extracted. This strategy will point businesses in the right direction, provide consumer personalization, and provide rewards for the hard work of the businesses.

George Soros Gives $8Billion For Charity

George Soros is one of the founders and the major funder of Central European University Budapest. The billionaire investor gave out $18billion of his wealth to the Open Society Foundations for charity some year back but this information was not disclosed for a long time until recently. The funds given to the Open Society has transformed it the second largest philanthropic charity organization in America next to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The Open Society Foundation was founded by George Soros over 30 years ago and the organization is in over 120 countries around the world. The Open Society supports movements for democracy and human rights. Recently, they have placed focus on protecting gay rights  police abuse in the United States.

Soros gift can be used by the Open Society to help Asia. Open Society provides food, shelter and medical aids for those in need in Asia and they also help to promote justice, human rights democracy for the benefit of the societies they provide this assistance to.

Reports have been given by George Soros financer that aside from the $18 billion, the foundation will receive an additional $2 billion to enable them to continue with their efforts to support the rights groups in Asia for many years.

The reason for the donation is not just to bring justice to criminals but also for the benefit of societies so they can also have clean water to drink. There have been reports produced by the World Resources Institute about paper mill industries in Indonesia, Petro-chemical plants in Thailand and gold mining companies in Mongolia whose activities have been threatening the lives of people in their local communities.

The report goes further to ensure that the governments across the region publish when the clean water used for drinking or farming has been polluted. The people are supposed to be informed that their source of drinking water is no longer safe to be consumed. It is their right to question the actions of their government and also the activities of the private companies around them.

The Open Society have also used funds to support the treatment of Ebola by providing funds to the treatment centers during the outbreak in 2014. They also fund support to fight against hate crimes. They made effort to protect the citizens of the United States from the National wave of hate crimes after the election in 2016.

Mr. Soros has long been a philanthropist even during his early years. He has committed over $10 million in the past to prevent violence and hate crimes.

According to Darren Walker, President of Ford Foundation, the open foundation has made a huge impact in the world compared to other foundations for the past two decades. The foundation has been actively involved in it charity causes in every part of the world.

They have left a large footprint for all to see and they have had more impact than other social justice organizations around the world.

The foundation spends over $900 million yearly for grants and other programs. Mr. Soros fortune is managed by Soros Fund Management and they are responsible for the operations of the Open Society eve Mr. Soro is still very much involved in the organizations work. and Follow him

Serving Customers with Quality Communication Services-Securus Technologies

It is a leader in the correction and prison industry. At Securus technologies; we responsible for providing criminal and civil justice resolutions for the purpose of public safety, monitoring, investigation as well as correction. Since our inception; we have expanded our services as well as products and not only that but also we delivering quality products to our esteem clients all over the Northern America. Once a week our firm makes sure they have new products in the market. The efforts we make have maintained a strong relationship with our customers and most of them are thrilled with the services as well as products Securus Technologies offers. Emails and letters have been sent to us as customers express their happiness. Some of the letters and the emails are listed below.

  • A customer said that the LBS software that we use in conjunction with other security departments had enabled them to recover millions as well as other goods and drugs.
  • With the use of our products, clients said that they have been able to recovery counterfeit goods in the market.
  • Another happy customer noted that with the use of our telephone services they were able to monitor the use of drugs and alcohol in their correction facility.
  • Some of our customers who have used our services as well as products for an extended period said that they are forever grateful for our services and we will remain the vendor of choice.

We distribute our services all over the United States of America with our Head Offices located in Dallas, Texas. We have been experiencing tremendous growth since our foundation with our firm offering employment opportunity to over 2000 individuals. We have been distributing our services as well as products to over 3450 correctional institutions and reaching more than 1200000 inmates. We are dedicated to connecting all our customers.


George Soros Is Making Changes Around The World With His Fortune

Many donors donate a lot of funds to various organizations but not to one particular organization. George Soros has, however, proved that it is possible. He donated 18 billion dollars to one of his investments, Open Society Foundations. The funds were meant to support any Democratic causes as Soros is a strong believer and supporter of this Party. The donations were made in a couple of years but when they were cumulatively added up, recently, the Foundation was the second largest organization that dealt with philanthropy in the U.S. George Soros, a billionaire who manages funds, started the Foundation over 3 decades ago. It currently supports various projects, in over 120 countries worldwide, that stands for the rights of humans and democracy. Most of its attention has been brought back to the U.S. over the last few years.

Some of their major participations were the funding of the centers for treatment when there was an Ebola Outbreak 3 years ago, supporting the fight against crime due to the hatred that was forming after the elections that took place in 2014, arts and culture among much more. Apart from being a renowned philanthropist, he is a political supporter. George Soros believes in the Democratic Party and that is why he has been seen to support democratic candidates such as Hillary Clinton in their endeavors. Open Society Foundation is working towards curbing fraud in voting and protecting the democratic rights of the citizens.

George Soros grew up in Hungary and during his time, the Nazi-occupied the area. This makes George a firm believer in an open society because he knows the struggles of living in a closed society from his experience during this era. In the search for greener pastures, he migrated to London before later settling in the U.S. In the United States is where he began his career at Wall Street. He earned a billion shillings by simply placing a bet opposing the British Pound. The pound was devalued by the government at the time and it earned him the title of the man who managed to break the Bank of England. He is very keen on studying the market trends to date. Learn more about George at The Atlantic.

He continued growing his wealth over time and he continued to support groups that stood for human rights and democracy through the formation of Open Society Foundation. This Foundation stands for and supports respect, fair governance that is democratic and the freedom of expression. George Soros has quickly climbed up the ladder of donors in America especially due to the fact that he has donated so much towards the Democratic causes. Wall Street Journal had the honor of reporting the overall amount donated by George Soros to Open Society Foundations over the years. Soros anticipates to contribute another 2 billion to the same organization as time goes by. The impact that Open Society has had in the world in the past 20 years can be easily felt and seen. They make sure that they leave an unforgettable footprint in the areas they serve especially when it comes to standing for justice. Read this story at

RSED and Preston Smith’s Legacy There

Rocketship Education has just short of twenty installments located across four states. Founded in Redwood City, California, in 2007, Rocketship Education had input from an early education guru and an expert in technology, John Danner. The pair is no longer in action at RSED, although Preston Smith serves the not-for-profit organization he founded in 2007 as its President and Chief Executive Officer. After Danner left in 2013, Smith had to take over important responsibilities to keep its success steadily rising upwards.

People that attend Rocketship Education are grades kindergarten through fifth and from areas without many high incomes, if even any moderate annual sums. Smith has utilized a blended learning approach that integrates six different teaching styles to help grow students into as academically-adept fifth-grade graduates ready to take on the toughest curriculum in their counties.

Educators have difficult jobs, especially those who have to make decisions. In-charge administrators often ask parents for their thoughts of how students are responding to lessons at school. If adjustments are necessary, teachers are expected to integrate them into their lesson plans or face other teachers taking over their positions.

Parents can even sit in or participate in interviews of potential staff members such as principals or instructors. This way, students get teachers that their very own parents think will instruct them as well as any private school in their surrounding areas.

Rocketship Education is truly one of the best educational institutions for elementary students at their most vulnerable points in life – the beginning. RSED is talked about all over the nation, boasting its 3,800-plus students in a whopping eighteen locations nestled in Wisconsin, Tennessee, Virginia, and California.

Preston Smith has been able to succeed as President and CEO of Rocketship Education by being there the past ten years, never leaving the proverbial side of his educational creation.

How End Citizens United Is Aiding America’s Voting Rights

Every day in America there are forces doing battle with one another for control of the American vote. Of course, this battle is in the shadows and most American citizens never become aware of the very real problem. This problem exists, however, and it is very hard to ignore. Just looking at the 2016 Presidential Election and how Russian agents actively utilized fake news in order to help prop up Donald Trump should be enough for anyone to acknowledge the problem.

Of course, there are issues a little bit closer to home as well. Back in 2010 a lawyer named James Bopp led a group of conservatives called Citizens United to the Supreme Court. Once there he argued for the rights of corporations to be allowed to funnel money into politics. This decision has had a haunting effect on the United States government.

Citizens United knew what they were doing when they argued for the rights of corporations to influence American politics. In fact, in order Bopp’s argument essentially was that corporations should be allowed to directly influence politicians by way of lobbying. Imagine that a law comes through Congress to argue for the reduction of dirty energy in America. Now, imagine a Congressman or Congresswoman who has been paid off by coal lobbyists. Do you think they will vote for their constituents? For this reason alone there has been real pushback on what Citizens United has done and some of that pushback is thanks to the work done by a political action committee called End Citizens United.

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End Citizens United was established with the sole intention of making their name an absolute reality. End Citizens United is currently led by PAC president Tiffany Muller. Muller has been a vocal force in the fight for equality at the top levels of government within the arena of campaign finance reform. Most recently Muller has gone public in support of the Honest Ads Act. This act was submitted by Senators Mark Warner, John McCain and Amy Klobuchar. The goal of this act is to shine a spotlight on the very real problem of fake news and how it is changing the political world in a bad way. Tiffany Muller said of the Honest Ads Act, “While too many sit idly by, Senators Amy Klobuchar, Mark Warner and John McCain are working to prevent further infiltration from foreign governments through their Honest Ads Act.”

End Citizens United is getting prepared for what will be a very active year of action. End Citizens United knows that the 2018 Congressional Elections will decide the future of America and that they can’t sit idly by while people work to pollute the system. End Citizens United will be relied upon to help bridge the gap between the American voter and the American government.

For more information about End Citizens United, just click

Omar Boraie Uses Boraie Development To Transform New Jersey

The story of Omar Boraie is perhaps the best when there is need to inspire a real estate agent, investor or entrepreneur. Like any other business, real estate development must be approached with a lot of integrity, sincerity and keenness. The business highly depends on someone’s experience. Aside from that, there is the bit that calls for wisdom when approaching the real estate business. That is why for Omar Boraie, it has been success all through. While most investors prefer putting money in already developed property, Omar Boraie has developed a platform that he works on by developing property from scratch. That is perhaps, one factor that has kept him winning in this business. In an article by Central New Jersey Moms, Omar Boraie is appreciated.

Developing real estate

Omar Boraie understands that not everyone is lucky enough to afford luxury when it comes to owning a home. That is why he has been keen on developing a platform for his business as a real estate agent and property developer. Omar Boraie is mostly appreciated by the Central Jersey Working Moms. His works extend beyond the platform of just developing property. Omar has been building business as a sole property developer for most of New Jersey’s area. What sets him apart is his ability to incorporate style and modern finishing in very, old, apartments. For him, it is about giving everyone the chance to experience the benefits of residing in well maintained property. For Boraie, everyone is entitled to this.

Boraie Development

Boraie Development is Omar’s company. In it, a lot has been achieved. Omar has been the sole leader and proprietor of this business since it was established and he has done a great job at making sure that his clients feel at home when settling in homes. Through his company, New Brunswick has been transformed. It is through the same company that the people of Central New Jersey enjoyed free movie series. That is perhaps, why Omar Boraie continues to rise up the ladder of best performing real estate agents.


Boraie is passionate about developing different cities and towns. He has been using Boraie Development to issue new housing designs for most residents. Omar Boraie uses Boraie Development to focus on his dreams to rebuild homes. He has employed experienced workers including architects, projects handlers and team leaders. As an entrepreneur, what makes him tick is his ability to reach out to the people. He continues to lead through focus and management.

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