TMS Health Solutions-Helping People to Combat Depression

TMS Health Solutions offers comprehensive treatment for depression and particularly Treatment-Resistant Depression. TMS therapy is very effective and does not have the side effects that many antidepressants have. Many people turn to them for treatment when their medications are not working or if they suspect that they may need more help than can be provided anywhere else.

Depression is not always obvious, but some of the signs can include anxiety, hopelessness, lack of concentration, and feelings of worthlessness. Any type of depression can be very serious and needs to be treated. TMS therapy Oakland offers a screening test that can help to diagnose depression.

Clinical depression is a disorder that affects a very large part of the population. Over 40 percent of the people who suffer from depression have Treatment-Resistant Depression, according to the CDC. Many of these people have tried varu=iuos treatments that have been ineffective, but TMS treatment has a very high rate of success.

TMS Health Solutions does not just treat their patients. They get involved with the entire picture and work with the therapist, care provider, and family members of the patient who is struggling with depression. They also follow up with their patients to make sure that they are progressing and doing well.

TMS Health Solutions offers Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or TMS which involves sending electromagnetic pulses to the brain as a way to treat the symptoms of depression. This type of treatment has been shown to help patients improve when antidepressants have failed. Patients receiving this type of treatment can resume their normal activities right after receiving treatment. Each session takes an hour or less to complete and does not cause the side effects that antidepressants or other forms of treatment do. Sometimes it is necessary to combine TMS treatments with medication, but in many cases, TMS alone is enough to make the symptoms of depression subside.

TMS Health Solutions cares about their patients and are trained in the research, and education of depression. Their clinicians are understanding and want to help. They do not judge and are there to support and guide their patients through the treatment process every step of the way. Dr.Bermudes, the founder of TMS Health Solutions, had a vision that it would provide care and treatment to those suffering from depression and that they would be able to leave with the ability to live a fulfilling life.


Barbara Stokes is the CEO of Green Structure Homes of Alabama and an experienced leader in contracting that addresses construction during disaster relief. This is the expertise that Barbara Stokes together with her team brings to the construction sector of GSH Alabama. Stokes has a vast experience in government contracts. In fact, part of the achievements that she is proud of is leading the company in being part of the mission of the American government at FEMA.

About Barbara Stokes:

Prior to joining Green Structure Homes, Alabama, Barbara Stokes was working for Boeing and the Pisces Corporation. The brilliant leader joined the construction company in 2011 and she has been working there ever since. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Barbara Stokes has a BSE in Biomedical and Medical Engineering which she acquired from Mercer University. Barbara Stokes attended this university between 1996 and 2000. In addition to this, the project manager also received training for thermodynamics, management, and manufacturing, properties, and structures of materials and technical communication. All these courses are related to the work she’s doing at GSH, Alabama.

Apart from her commendable work at Green Structure Homes of Alabama, the CEO is also a mother of three children. During her spare time, she also takes her time to actively participate as a volunteer in various activities in her community in Huntsville. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.


Green Structure Homes has been in existence for more than 30 years in America. The company deals with both residential and commercial structures. The structures are modular and mobile and they have been known to be very effective especially in disaster relief management. Moreover, the company ensures that it delivers, provides construction on the site, builds and designs all over North America. In addition to this, the construction company also offers other services which include autonomous engineering, the leadership of in-house projects, among others. Therefore, they have generally been responsible for generally taking care of the planning, development, foundation, installing, and inspecting the residential and commercial structures.

Green House Structure has a modern and advanced manufacturing plant which is located in Alabama. The company employs experienced and capable individuals who offer competent solutions to all your housing needs. Some of the notable projects that GSH has been involved with include; manufacturing and designing student housing structures in Mississippi, on-site construction and the installing of structures of modular nature close to the university at Mississippi. In addition to this, the company has also been in charge of several structures commissioned by the American army, navy and air force among many other brilliant structures.


Bob Reina Discusses What it Takes to Survive

These days, it seems that things are a bit too easy to get out of. When things don’t go the way they should, people want out. They want to quit their job, quit their marriages, or when something breaks they just turn to buying a new one. Bob Reina believes that this is where a large percentage of the problems are today. In a recent article written by Reina, he discusses what it takes to survive. Simply put, it’s the will to do. It’s the will to do push and continue on with great things.


Reina gives the most basic example in the beginning of his article. Reina uses learning to ride a bike as the perfect comparison to what happens today. This is what he refers to as a lesson in persistence. This is what it takes to get busy and stay busy. Furthermore, this is about getting busy and staying busy on purpose. The end goal should be to get back up again once you fall off your bike. Survival of the fittest is what Reina used in the title of his article to make a valid point. He says that the problem today is that no one wants to stick with it. Giving up too easily and giving in has damaged the success rate of Americans. Learn more:


Reina knows all too well what this is like. As an entrepreneur, Reina can share his journey in business with you. There is never a perfect run of product releases, regardless of what how successful one may be. The problem Reina refers to as adults is that the inability or willingness to endure some discomfort along the way impacts why people are successful or they are not.


Reina has used direct sales as the business model for his tech company, Talk Fusion. Reina found a common problem, the lack of a good wireless connection to transmit video clips. This is what helped him in birthing his company. Since the company’s inception, Reina has continued to work with his technology team to develop the very best software for individual and business use. Talk Fusion developed the WebRTC technology, and since that time they have released a simple to use upgrade for that technology. Today, many businesses turn to the software from Talk Fusion for ease of use and to boost productivity across multiple channels.


Omar Boraie Has Done the Impossible

The New Jersey state Senate recently held a celebration in honor of the man known as Omar Boraie. They held the celebration in his honor because he had single-handedly turned around the dying city of New Brunswick, New Jersey. He was able to turn the city around because he had the determination necessary to make it succeed.

It all started when Sam Boraie visited the continent of Europe. During his time there, he saw many amazing cities and knew he wanted New Brunswick to become as influential as those. He began speaking to the city mayors and discovered it requires four principles to turn a city around. The first principle was that the city required that families wanted to live there. The second principle was a growing job market to attract new citizens to the city. The third principle was a unification of all the power brokers. The fourth principle was a strong and growing middle class.

Omar Boraie began plotting how he would be able to bring the families back to the city of New Brunswick. After much deliberation, he decided the best chance they had was to focus on working with nonprofits and churches. He told the churches and the nonprofits to submit to him their plans on how to build relationship between the families. The plans that he thought would be successful were the ones he funded personally.

According to NY Times, Omar Boraie then began working with local businesses in order to stabilize the job market. His main goal was to get Johnson & Johnson to publicly declare that they would stay in the area. The reason for this was that they were the largest employer in the city at that time. If New Brunswick lost them, then they would continue losing businesses. However, if they kept them, they would be able to entice more businesses to come.

Omar Boraie also worked with the various power players in the city to determine how to bring all of their organizations together to make the city of New Brunswick their top priority.

Omar Boraie also began implementing a strategy to bring back the middle class. He knew that the middle class wanted affordable real estate so that they could start their practices for cheap. He gave them what they wanted by building higher class real estate and selling it to them at affordable prices. This brought in doctors, surgeons, counselors, and psychiatrists. You can search on Yahoo to see more.

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Barbara Stokes and GSH awarded $28.5 million FEMA Contract

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), recently gave out a contract worth $28.5 million to Green Structure Homes Delivered of Alabama in a bid to help support efforts aimed at providing relief to victims of Hurricane Harvey. FEMA is a United States agency created to assist areas that get hit by disasters such as hurricanes.

Such regions when hit with calamities have insufficient resources to cater for the damages caused. As an example Hurricane Harvey brought havoc onto the citizens of Texas on the night of August 25th, 2017, causing damages of up to $125 billion, therefore, forcing FEMA to step in and offer assistance through the Alabama-based contractor company, GSH. Read more at Business Insider.

Green Structure Homes (GSH) of Alabama, LLC, is dedicated to the relief of disasters through construction and rebuilding of destroyed homes. The company operates in Huntsville, Alabama, and mainly focusses on providing their clients with modern homes that are energy-efficient and friendly to the environment. GSH was started in 2008 by its current CEO Barbara Stokes. It serves both the public and the private sectors.

Before founding GSH, Barbara Stokes was working at Pisces Corporation and Boeing, where she gained enough experience to enable her to lead her staff. Barbara Stokes is an alumnus of Mercer University from where she graduated with a degree in Biomedical Engineering and Physics. She also took several other courses such as manufacturing, management and structure of materials while at the same university, and these have been significant contributors to her success in the running of GSH. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Stokes, together with her Chief Operations Officer, Scott Stokes, believe that the contract with FEMA will go a long way in assisting the victims by giving them modern homes and even uplifting their living standards and the economy in general through the creation of jobs for many people in the area. They also see it as an opportunity for GSH to showcase its designs and innovations for potential future clients.

Barbara Stokes can juggle her many duties as CEO of GSH with those of being a mother to three children. She does not let her work to get in the way of her motherly duties as she creates time to spend with her children. She mentors and supports their development by being a good role model to them. Stokes is also an active philanthropist always finding ways to give back to her Huntsville community.