The Challenges of Making Money As a Freelancer With Upwork Compared to Being an Employee for a Minimum Wage Job

One thing that people have to face when they start working as a freelancer is that they have to figure out something that is going to maximize their earnings. Many freelancers start out making very little if any amount of money at a time because they have to figure themselves out. Even with opportunities from Upwork, there is going to be a little bit of time before they actually start making a living at what they are doing. This is one of the reasons that it is important for people to make sure that they are making money before they stop being an employee.

The good news is that when working for Upwork, the individual can work beyond normal hours and bring in some extra money. He will have a lot of extra money that he can put towards a vacation or some other goals he might have. This is one very attractive aspect of money making opportunities like Upwork. People who have talent can really shine at this opportunity. For one thing, they will make more than just the minimum wage. Therefore, they can actually make a living from what they are doing and not worry about their bills.

While being an employee is a lot easier for most people, one thing that they have to put up with is having to work someone else’s schedule. Another thing is that there are some places that change the schedule at the last minute. This can cause a lot of frustration for the worker. The worst part is that he is only making enough money to just pay off all of his bills. When people choose Upwork as a means to make income, they can make more than minimum wage as long as they are diligent and focused on what they are doing.


As Ian King Watches New Investors Enter The Market

There’s roughy $500 billion worth of the world’s capital invested in cryptocurrencies.

The rise of the “empowered investor” is something that Ian King of Banyan Hill Publishing is looking at with an analytical mind. There’s a wide market for digital money, and each factor, where the financial world changes, is via public access. The new investor doesn’t have the skills of Ian King to say the least, but they do have access. Learn more about Ian King at Crunchbase.

Ian trades with over 20 years of experience. He got his start as a mail-room clerk and moved his way up within the Salomon Brothers firm. This Wall Street education gives Ian a unique perspective on the markets forming around cryptocurrencies. That market is being built on the identity of a new investor with money to spend.

Why Investors Have An Easy Access Point

Wall Street brokers often require forms of identification and a minimum balance before you have access to their platforms and trading charts. This isn’t the case with electric coins like ehtereum and ripple. Ian suggests that mobile Apps like Coinbase offer anyone direct access to trading cryptocurrencies.


Ian sees that the future of the financial world will be changed by this model and as corporate trading platforms have to compete for attention. King also highlights that there are risks involved. The investors in crypto don’t have the experience of Wall Street professionals or the tools that modern brokers provide their traders with.

The Importance Of These Changes According To Ian King

These changes are important and what got Ian to leave his Wall Street hedge firm management role. He left “Main Street” in order to capitalize on the forming trends around cryptocurrencies. His success has led him to share his secrets and systems through a new partnership with Banyan Hill Publishing.

Banyan Hill publishes financial news, advice and market changes. This publisher has a wide selection of products that keep traders up-to-date with the markets and how currencies of all kinds are moving. It often takes this type of insight to maximize the trading of cryptocurrencies and to avoid the large risks that currently exist.

Ian King provides his trading strategy base on proven techniques he learned as a financial professional. These techniques bring him to watch the markets and to generate profit where others are consistently in the red. Read more at Release Fact.

It pays to hear his words and to consider the advice of a true professional.