Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Wants To Help Reduce Surgical Risks

Surgery Is An Option

Even though there are several tangible noninvasive procedures available for patients, some of them will still need or choose surgery. In the event of a surgery, Dr. Jejurikar is ready for the challenge. Gluteal augmentation is his specialty. The Brazilian butt lift is pretty popular. Grafting is what makes this procedure possible. The popularity of it has increased a ton in the past few years as more people are acknowledging the freedom to change or create the appearance they want. The grafting works by removing fat from one area of the body and placing it in another. Fat embolisms are a main risk of grafting. This type of embolism is when blood vessels get fat in them. That rarely happens, but it is a risk.

Researching The Risks

Dr. Jejurikar is researching to address the risks of this surgery. He is a part of a fat grafting task force. Its members are a bunch of certified plastic surgeons working with the ASPS to make the butt lift procedure safer. The group holds workshops that are open globally to doctors. This is how Dr. Jejurikar spends his time on weekends. Weekends for him are a time to travel. A lot of the times he travels for work. Up to six times throughout the year he may travel to lecture or plastic surgery meetings. He says it’s good to meet with peers, it helps him ensure he is on top of the latest and greatest things in the field.

Recent Plastic Surgery Gathering

Dr. Jejurikar spoke at the 2018 Dallas cosmetic surgery and medicine meeting, and there he gave his thoughts on improving the butt lift. The meetings are informative about the risks and rewards of the procedure. The information is taught by experts and other special guests. Presentations at the meetings include a cadaver lab, which shows attendees up close and personal how to do new techniques. The professionals that attend these meetings include otolaryngologists, oculoplastic surgeons, dermatologists, nurse practitioners, nurses and plastic surgeons.


Stuart Weisbrod And Jacob Gottlieb Promise To Revamp The Healthcare Investment

Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod are well-known investors in the healthcare industry. The two entrepreneurs have known each other for quite some time since their time together at Merlin Biomed Group. Both have also had successful career runs in the healthcare industry and now and they are now coming together to share office space and roof while hinting at future collaboration in health finance investment.

Stuart’s investment history

Stuart Weisbrod has a record of successful investments since 1998 when he founded his first hedge fund, Merlin Biomed Group. The company focused on pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare services. Apart from being a successful investor, Weisbrod is also a longtime academician and earned a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Princeton University as well as an MBA in finance from Columbia University. He is well grounded in the finance and investment markets with the combination of the two professions playing a critical role in ensuring the success of his investments in the healthcare industry.

Coming together

Stuart and Jacob first met at Merlin, when Stuart offered the latter a position as the hedge fund’s portfolio. The peak of their finance industry relationship peaked when the two steered Merlin Group to record some of the highest returns in the industry at the time, thereby earning them solid ties with some prominent clients. They would push on the winning streak until 2007 when Merlin closed investment doors and refunded depositor’s funds. Stuart Weisbrod would, later on, start a new investment firm, Iguana Healthcare Partners, while Jacob, on the other hand, founded Visium investment.

More about Jacob Gottlieb

Soon after leaving Merlin, Jacob started Visium Asset Management with an initial seed capital of $300 million. His dedication saw it morph into an $8 billion hedge fund with a workforce of more than 200 employees and offices in London, New York, and San Francisco. However, Visium Asset Management also had to wind up in 2016.

Possible collaboration

Gottlieb has since moved on to his next venture, Altium Capital and Stuart offered to host him and his new business under Iguana’s roof. The move has in effect made headlines with experts speculating on a possible collaboration between the two old-time partners, allegations that neither has denied. With a reputation for successful ventures, the duo will guarantee exciting changes in the in the investment world especially the healthcare sector.

Flavio Maluf – The Entrepreneur

Flavio was raised by his father named Paulo Maluf who was a politician in Brazil. Flavio studied mechanical engineer in Brazil and studied business administration in which he received a degree from New York University. Flavio works with the Eucatex Group as the president and CEO.

The Eucatex Group is a family owned business in Brazil that has been in business since 1951. The Eucatex Group does build supplies and specializes in doors, panels, paints, wall partitions, and floors and baseboards just to name a few. The Eucatex Group builds furniture and toys as well.

The Eucatex Group uses Eucalyptus wood fibers from Brazil to make their items. Their flooring is made from the wood fibers and comes in styles like Rustic, Prime, Classic, and Elegance. The Eucatex Group’s building supplies are used around the world. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Blog do Ronco

The Eucatex Group is considered to be the first business to have a recycling plant that uses the leftover wood to create energy. Flavio Maluf also serves as the president at GrandFood Group. GrandFood Group is associated with Premier Pet and Golden Feeds.

FlavisMaluf worked his way up from trade area to industrial area. He then worked his way up on the executive team and later became president. By using the newest technology, Flavio was able to grow the company into a multi million dollar company.

The Eucatex Group has offices in several countries and provides export to several countries. The company’s building supplies were used to build the stadium for the World Cup. Flavio Maluf is involved in charities and gives back in the Brazilian areas.

Flavio Maluf reported that there was a decrease of 0.7% for exports in the month of June compared to June of last year. Flavio stated there was a balance of trade and soy did more at 53.5%

Visit: http://www.barbacenaonline.com.br/noticia/saude/flavio-maluf-e-o-novo-diretor-da-santa-casa-de-barbacena