Award Winning Television- Newswatch

In Indiegogo a crowdfunding campaign was organized by Avanca. The primary purpose of the campaign was to raise money for their new product Ockel Sirius B pocket PC. Avanca had set a goal to at list raise a total of about $ 10000 in a period of 30 days. The organization worked extra hard to realize their goals that within a month they either have raised the required amount or they do not have money for their new product. To ensure that they reach their goal Avanca went ahead to hire Newswatch which was to promote their campaign in one minute. Newswatch was to air the campaign on both the Newswatch TV channels as well as their online platform.

Avanca advertisement on Newswatch contributed to the success of their campaign and the firm raised a total of about $456,551 which is 2,930% in a month’s period. Newswatch played a vital role in the promotion campaign and the crowdfunding project. Nathalie Van Wijtvliet is the Marketing Director for Newswatch and he said that they two companies worked together to make the crowdfunding project a success. According to Newswatch the Avanca advertisement segment was received in the United States of America by over 200 markets and watched by more than 96 million households. Avanca and Newswatch have been working together for their crowdfunding campaigns.

In 1990 Newswatch began airing their programs which mainly focused on financial issues. After a short period of being in the media industry, the media company expanded their reach and they began centering on a broad range of news among them traffic news, mobile news, breaking medical and government news, celebrity interviews, as well as consumer news among others. Newswatch is referred to as an award-winning television. Some of the achievements and awards received by Newswatch include; Gold and Platinum and videographer award for excellence both won in 2017.