Beneful of the Doubt

I did two things leading up to my Labrador Retriever Rex’s fourth birthday, collected coupons and discovered what would soon become his favorite doggy snack. Beneful dog treats first captured my attention with the accessibility of their coupons. I could find them everywhere, including Facebook, magazines, the Sunday paper, occasionally in store and inside their own packaging. I received my first coupons from Facebook for the most popular “Beneful Baked Delights” snacks.

With 23.8 calories a piece per individual treat, the flavor I chose for Rex was the Peanut butter and cheese. Rex couldn’t get enough of the tasty treat and it quickly became his favorite. There is also a strong variation of other tasty snacks. Including the “Break-N-Bites“, the “IncrediBites” and “IncrediBites Dental” to reduce tartar buildup in small adults dogs.

The website also list the recommended daily portions of each treat, based on age profile and the size of your particular dog. On the Beneful website, you can also chat online with a representative. In addition to calling the 1-800 number or sending an email. I found this extremely helpful when I had my own Rex specific question and wasn’t quite sure about the answer. Beneful is making an effort to assist in any questions relating to your pets. Including cats, puppies, senior dogs and their recommended preferred treat. See also.

My experience with Beneful and their line of doggy treats was undoubtedly a positive one. From a five star product to five star service and pricing. I am compelled to give Beneful two thumbs up. Rex gives it two paws up, but you get the idea.