PSI Pay Affiliate ECOPAYZ Allows Users to Internationally Send and Receive Money

PSI Pay has an affiliate ECOPAYZ that allows users to send and receive money internationally and also spend money using this paperless form of asset exchange. PSI Pay has been revolutionizing the contactless payment industry by creating various platforms and systemizes approaches to moving money without the use of cash and credit card transactions. PSI Pay’s affiliate ECOPAYZ allows users to transfer money similar to PayPal and other mainstream money transfer systems, however, this system can be used at regular locations outside of just the online transfers such as with the PayPal infrastructure. PSI Pay also has provided a new opportunity for individuals to utilize contactless payment with their contactless payment ring that can be used to perform regular daily transactions by swiping your hand over the terminal of vendors who are utilizing the new technology system. It simplifies making purchases and other transactions for goods and services easier and more convenient and is continuously expanding the way individuals conduct their normal business transfers.

The contactless payment ring developed by PSI Pay has provided opportunities for vendors, corporations, and the general population to perform quick streamline transfers of value with the waving of the hand versus the time constraints and general inefficiencies of pulling credit cards out of wallets and purses or entering password pins for authorization purposes. By allowing individuals to simply wave their hands over terminals customer check out opportunities are occur swiftly and more transactions per minute can be performed by vendors and corporations who actually utilize this new cutting edge technology.

PSI Pay has several company partnersthat are leading the industry in the new contactless payment revolution that is continuing to expand the knowledge and the infrastructure needed to allow individuals to make their purchasing opportunities easier and more reliable. In the UK, contactless payments are becoming more a part of in the general public’s everyday purchasing method and currently totals one-third of all payments that are made within the UK. PSI Pay is continuing to lead the world’s efforts in becoming a cash-free environment by establishing ways to transfer value without the use of credit cards and cash and with affiliate’s such as ECOPAYZ the ability to send money internationally easily and effortlessly is made available.

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Equities First Holdings Becomes the Top Lender of Stock Loans Globally

Equities First Holdings (EFH) LLC is located in Melbourne Australia. It is a global lender and a top provider of alternative shareholder financing. It has set its new office in Melbourne for easy accessibility to its clients and business associates. According to Mitchell Hopwood, the managing director of EFH, the new office will also provide the staff with enough working room. EFH has three business locations namely Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney. Its task is to provide loans to individuals that want to expand their businesses, carry out strategic investments and other business related ventures. It has not restricted its operations to Australia only; it also has offices in United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Switzerland and, U.S.A.

Roles of EFH

Equity First Holdings LLC specializes in offering lending services to high net worth individuals as well as businesses that would like to expand or make more investments. They offer stock loans and their collateral for these loans are equities. These loans also come with low interests rates as compared to the rate of other lending companies. The stock loans are non-purpose and can be invested in any manner that the individuals who have acquired want.  Click here to know more.

Stock loans are one of the easiest ways that wealthy people can use to overcome the difficult financial periods. EFH has always come in handy to help several businesses and people walk out of financial crisis comfortably. These kinds of loans have been beneficial to more than 2,000 businesses. For more than 14 years, EFH has always thrived to be ahead of its competitors in the money lending world.