Jeunesse Global helps confer benefits of wine consumption without risks

At the time that Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis decided to found Jeunesse Global, the direct-marketing pioneers had long since passed the point where they were primarily concerned with accumulating more wealth. The main things that drove Ray and Lewis to create their new health and beauty business was the desire to create great products that could changed people’s lives for the better as well as the chance to help others to reach their financial goals.

Jeunesse has been able to follow through on this vision with tenacity that few other companies could possibly muster. One example of the incredible faculties of Ray and Lewis to innovate and create game-changing products is the company’s Reserve health drink. Made with the most potent ingredient in red wine, known as resveratrol, Reserve taps directly into nature’s vintage stores of vitality, allowing users to enjoy all of the benefits of wine consumption without assuming any of the risks of consuming alcohol.

Reserve also contains a number of fruits that Jeunesse refers to as superfruits, which provide great-tasting, all-natural ingredients that make Reserve one of the healthiest and best-tasting health drinks on the market. Some of the additional ingredients in the drink include blueberries, pomegranate, dark sweet cherries, concord grape and acai. Reserve also contains the health-restoring ingredients aloe vera, green tea and grape seed. All in all, Reserve is the most refreshing way you can lower your risk for heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

But Reserve also represents a real breakthrough in heart health. Because approximately 10 percent of people who begin drinking alcohol will eventually go on to suffer from full-blown alcoholism, the major medical bodies currently do not recommend that people who do not drink wine begin doing so. This is in spite of the fact that drinking red wine has been shown to increase people’s life expectancies by up to five years.

Now, with Reserve, that increased life expectancy can be paid in full to the drink’s regular users. Reserve is just one of the many innovative products that are quickly distinguishing Jeunesse Global as being one of the most important innovators in the modern health industry.

Lime Crime Plushies Pitch

Lime Crime continues to take flight in the beauty world of comfort and appeal. Lime Crime boasts about its infallible rainbow hair dye and pocket candy eyeshadow, but the popularity of its revolutionary lip products has become an internet trend setter in the social and digital arena.

From its Unicorn lipsticks; to its iridescent liquid lip toppers; to its metallic Velvetines long lasting liquid matte lipstick-siren, the application of Lime Crime is no stranger to those seeking a beautiful, bold, radical and natural look.

LimeCrime has forged new standards for quality and performance in the makeup industry. Lime Crime makeup products are cruelty free. None of the cosmetics are ever tested on animals. The products are also vegan. None of the cosmetics consist of any animal ingredients or byproducts. Lime Crime takes great pride in its commitment to animals, and exemplifies its passion and love by upholding the cruelty free makeup standards.

Lime Crime has been inspired to promote a new generation of lip colors with lasting daylong effects. Its new focus is the cuddly Plushie, a new natural lip enhancer with a variety of colors that fit every complexion and lasts all day. The wide variety of colors to swatch on your lips make for a generational evolution of choice.Once the single applicator is applied, it has a non opaque look to the lips. The candy sweet scent makes it feel so comfortable that you forget you are wearing the Plushie. It feels so natural and hydrating. It is so easy to apply and never flakes. Once the lip tint is applied, it has a fashionable revolutionary look. Plushies are reflective of the cozy, soft animal image that is admired so lovingly by Lime Crime. Your lip color is naturally enhanced by Plushies and your lips appear as plush as the teddy bear image on the package.

Lime Crime continues its path popularizing digitally trending beauty brands.