Neurocore Brain Performance; Assessing your Mental Health

Mental health includes a person’s emotional, psychological as well as social well-being. Moreover, mental health affects the manner in which a person handles life’s situations including how they feel, think or make certain choices. With that said, mental health is a critical aspect in life and every individual needs to consider accessing it for their well being. For that reason, Neurocore Brain Performance Centers was established to offer mental health services for clients. The company provides major data-driven and brain-based training programs and assessments for patients. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.


Describing Neurocore


Established in 2004, Neurocore is a mental health provider that has vastly become a national authority based on providing applied neuroscience alongside brain performance assessment in Florida. With every passing year, the company understands that it is quite difficult to stop fretting about mental health given that it encompasses future memory loss alongside the fact that it actually shows signs. While memory problems as well as cognitive impairment are some of the leading characteristics of mental health issues, new research indicates that this is not entirely factual because there is a possibility of being able to grow a person’s brain. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

What Customers Say


Besides Neurocore Brain Performance offers a 45-minute feedback system that allows clients to be trained and tested through their brain ability. With this system, a client watches a movie while the brain speed is set within the average therapeutic range. Immediately it takes a different position perhaps out of range, the set movie pauses. This is an indication that your brain is not in balance. There is also a 30-session program that allows the brain to stop spiking within dangerous ranges. In return the brain picks up the signals to function properly. Through biofeedback, clients have learned to take deep breathes while alternating them with slower ones in order to maximize their heart function.


The Observation


As an individual, you are special and Neurocore is there to focus on getting you to a healthy docket. To achieve this, the company utilizes their comprehensive assessment tools to establish the underlying causes appended to your mental health disorder. Similarly, the team analyses the information in your brain thereby allowing the management to offer tailored training programs that will improve your brain.