OSI Group Mcdonalds: An American Dream

The story of OSI Group is the definition of the American Dream that countless immigrants hold in their heart when they come to this country. Otto Kolschowsky was once one of those immigrants that held that dream. Otto Kolschowsky was part of the German immigration boom of the 20th century in Chicago Illinois. Chicago at the time being a hub of the butcher industry inspired Otto Kolschowsky to create his own butcher business tailored to serve his German community as at the time very little of their culture was represented. Two decades later the business would take off into the giant we know today as OSI Group. Read more about OSI Goup McDonalds at Crunchbase

OSI Group’s largest partnership was it’s smallest when the deal was first struck to provide all meat products to Ray Croc’s burger business. In 1955 two small family companies decided to pair up for business, OSI Group & Mcdonalds were ready to take advantage of the post-war economic boom in America. Ray Croc who was just a franchise agent at the time of the deal would eventually become the head of the Mcdonalds corporation and with that, both companies molded together as OSI Group Mcdonalds.

So what made OSI Group Mcdonalds such a success? Consistency was the key element for both companies. Rey Croc had a vision where customers could get a burger in California and the next day in Texas without having the burger taste any different. OSI Group’s constant innovation and testing of food processing and delivery methods allowed Mcdonalds to bring that vision to reality. The Relationship between OSI Group Mcdonalds grows every day, such symbolic joint venture can be seen in the investment from OSI Group to build Mcdonalds it’s own processing building solely for McDonald’s products. In conclusion, OSI Group Mcdonalds although separate entities, continue to grow and become some of the best-known and respected companies in the world.

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What You Need to Know About Jeunesse Global: Our Product Review

The main focus of this report will be on the uniquely-designed synergistic natural health and skincare supplements that perform incredibly well with $120,000,000 in sales during 2015 for Jeunesse.

Our review will begin with the foundation of unquestionably and undeniably understanding how much momentum and MLM magic have come about inside of Jeunesse Global. Obviously, this says more about their achievement than we can describe to an extent (still, numbers don’t lie). But we will investigate it all for you.

We’ll save the hype around network marketing and cut to the chase right away by giving you an in-depth review of some products they offer and if we think you should give them a trial.

To clarify for ourselves, we went looking and researching for the real facts and even any false alarms that are out there in order for you to make the right choice about Jeunesse as both a business opportunity and health product provider.

Before we look over Jeunesse Global as a business marketing opportunity versus a health-conscious lifestyle organization, our primary objective is to review and evaluate Jeunesse as much as possible, beginning with their most used and attractive products.

Who’s Jeunesse?

Jeunesse is a nutritionally-minded youthful aging health business founded by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis in 2010 from Florida which distributes skin care creams and wholesome nutritional supplements for anti-aging purposes.

With the sudden success and momentum coming about through word of mouth marketing, it is hard to argue about the effectiveness and benefits of their line of products. Jeunesse is based in the U.S. with offices all across the globe which includes Asia, Europe and Africa.

Initially, the business was created by a pair of experienced network marketers who knew exactly how to make a quality product line with an efficient network of distributors.

The Evidence Backing Luminesce

The company is primarily recognized for their leading skin care product, Luminesce. According to various testimonials from distributors and customers, Luminesce has dramatically positive impacts on the skin. Luminesce promotes cellular rejuvenation and new cell growth through stem cells.

U.S. Money Reserve and Massive Awards

U.S. Money Reserve has scored a pair of Best of Category awards for two years in a row. These awards were given to the company by AdSphere Awards. AdSphere Awards has acknowledged U.S. Money Reserve thanks to its accomplishments within the DRTV or direct response television world. U.S. Reserve is a business that handles the supply of precious metals.

People often refer to it being America’s Gold Authority. It received awards for classifications like “informercials” and “short form products.”

Angela Koch is U.S. Money Reserve’s current Chief Executive Officer. She stated that the firm’s attempts are motivated by its desire to give the public results that are in line with its objectives. She stated that getting these awards is a significant privilege. She also said that it confirms the skills of the people who are part of U.S. Money Reserve’s production, media and marketing divisions. Learn more about US Money Reserve: http://epodcastnetwork.com/u-s-money-reserve/ and https://www.yellowpages.com/austin-tx/mip/u-s-money-reserve-inc-481069669

AdSphere supervises a system that’s made up of more than 120 sectors around the United States. It’s an awards group that has pinpointed approaching 8,000 direct respond and brands-direct entities so far. AdSphere selects prominent brands that are part of many diverse fields at the moment. These brands are part of many different DRTV components.

U.S. Money Reserve is a massive supplier in the United States. It specializes in the supply of platinum, silver and gold offerings that come from the nation’s government. It has been in business since its launching in 2001.

It caters to countless customers who are situated in all parts of the United States. The professionals who are part of the U.S. Money Reserve crew have substantial training and proficiency. U.S. Reserve is staffed by an abundance of numismatic and coin studying aficionados. These aficionados possess marketing savvy.

They assist purchasers with the process of acquiring precious metals of all kinds. They assist newbie purchasers, seasoned purchasers and even those who are somewhere in the middle. Five-star customer service is all in a day’s work for the people who have employment through the U.S. Money Reserve.

The company calls Austin, Texas its home right now. Austin is Texas’ cheerful state capital. U.S. Money Reserve is a business that believes in the strength of social media activities. That’s the reason it has accounts on famed social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. The detail-oriented and

Jordan Lindsey’s JLC Capital Has a Unique Approach to Trading Bitcoin

One of the investment industry’s biggest news stories recently has actually been the massive rise in cryptocurrency, and particularly Bitcoin, prices over past few years. The individuals who managed to get involved with digital currencies during their infancy were able to significantly capitalize on the rise in value, becoming incredibly wealthy from their investments. Jordan Lindsey is someone who has found great success in the world of finance and cryptocurrency, and he is showing now signs of slowing down.

Jordan Lindsey is the creator of the investment fund JCL Capital back in 2005. While he is best known as the founder of JCL Capital, Mr. Lindsey has also founded other businesses in the same industries of technology and financial services. JCL Capital has evolved its strategies significantly over the years that it has been in business. One key example of the firm changing its investment strategies is the unique approach that JCL Capital takes with regards to trading Bitcoin.

Many people who attempt to trade Bitcoin experience the same challenges, the biggest of which is how volatile and swingy the price of Bitcoin is. These fluctuations can put a lot of stress on traders. Sometimes new traders make the mistake of selling too early if they see a change in the price of Bitcoin. JCL Capital seeks to remove the emotional aspect of trading Bitcoin through the use of a special algorithm. This algorithm was developed by Jordan Lindsey, and it is the basis of JCL Capital’s Bitcoin trading strategy.

Throughout Jordan Lindsey’s life he has spent some of his years residing in a few different countries like Bosnia-Herzegovina, Argentina and Mexico. It was during his time as a resident of Bosnia that me met his wife, with whom he eventually had three daughters. If Jordan Lindsey’s past success is any indication of his future in the fiance, then the best is yet to come.


Jeunesse Global helps confer benefits of wine consumption without risks

At the time that Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis decided to found Jeunesse Global, the direct-marketing pioneers had long since passed the point where they were primarily concerned with accumulating more wealth. The main things that drove Ray and Lewis to create their new health and beauty business was the desire to create great products that could changed people’s lives for the better as well as the chance to help others to reach their financial goals.

Jeunesse has been able to follow through on this vision with tenacity that few other companies could possibly muster. One example of the incredible faculties of Ray and Lewis to innovate and create game-changing products is the company’s Reserve health drink. Made with the most potent ingredient in red wine, known as resveratrol, Reserve taps directly into nature’s vintage stores of vitality, allowing users to enjoy all of the benefits of wine consumption without assuming any of the risks of consuming alcohol.

Reserve also contains a number of fruits that Jeunesse refers to as superfruits, which provide great-tasting, all-natural ingredients that make Reserve one of the healthiest and best-tasting health drinks on the market. Some of the additional ingredients in the drink include blueberries, pomegranate, dark sweet cherries, concord grape and acai. Reserve also contains the health-restoring ingredients aloe vera, green tea and grape seed. All in all, Reserve is the most refreshing way you can lower your risk for heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

But Reserve also represents a real breakthrough in heart health. Because approximately 10 percent of people who begin drinking alcohol will eventually go on to suffer from full-blown alcoholism, the major medical bodies currently do not recommend that people who do not drink wine begin doing so. This is in spite of the fact that drinking red wine has been shown to increase people’s life expectancies by up to five years.

Now, with Reserve, that increased life expectancy can be paid in full to the drink’s regular users. Reserve is just one of the many innovative products that are quickly distinguishing Jeunesse Global as being one of the most important innovators in the modern health industry.


Waiakea Water — Volcanic Success

Selling drinking water is not a straightforward task! It takes talent, effort, and patience. That’s why Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water has enjoyed most of their success. The whole trade is valued at over one hundred billion dollars across the world. People across the world love the ability to drink water in a bottle. It’s really a great luxury! The convenience of getting a bottle of water simply can’t be beat. The drinking water trade is also to blame for a lot of the pollution that plagues the planet. We tend to make use of ineffective methods to get our water.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water has come to rescue the marketplace with their environmentally friendly water. They get their water directly from the natural volcanic supply. It flows naturally and gets filtered naturally. The water has a clear taste and refreshing flavor. Many folks that have tried Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water won’t return to alternative water – it’s become the standard to drink safer water. The best practice of Waiakea Volcanic Hawaiian Water is that they use environmentally friendly bottling. The bottles are perishable. They break down at intervals of fifteen years! Several plastic bottles can take over one hundred years to disintegrate into the earth. They’re going to be polluting the planet long after the human race is gone; however, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water can preserve our planet by keeping the planet clean.

The corporation began as a startup based out of Hawaii. The founder primarily based his goals and morals off of Hawaiian culture. He believes in giving back to the world and protecting the planet. He doesn’t like the plan of destroying the home we currently inhabit and that future generations will inherit. He had a tough time getting partnerships with the older members within the drinking water community, thus he partnered with alternative young startups. Thanks to this savvy business strategies, he has become one of the youngest millionaires in drinking water. He continues to present himself to charities and preserve his company by remaining environmentally friendly. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is one of the foremost drinking water firms on the market.


The Expansion of Foodservice-Giant OSI Group

When it comes to household names, OSI Group will more than likely not be mentioned in the conversation. On the other hand, OSI Group has more than likely played a major role in some of the foods you eat today. The total amount of food providers in the world is astounding and if these services weren’t being provided, many businesses would simply shutdown. OSI Group just so happens to be the cream-of-the-crop in this category and acquisitions are a big part of this success. In 2016, OSI Group embarked on an acquisition-blitz as it acquired many high-profile brands. In Chicago, this exceptionally business-minded company purchased one of Tyson Foods’ plants for an estimated $7 million. This plant has an estimated 200,000 square-feet of space, and it held more than 450 positions. OSI Group has managed to hold on to about 250 positions.

BAHO Food is another one of the company’s big acquisitions for 2016. This private-Dutch company does a phenomenal job of serving food items for food retailors in Europe. After its merger-control approval, OSI Group will surely strengthen its foundation from the ground-up. This acquisition will add another 60 years of experience to a company that already has over 100 years of experience. BAHO Food provides a wide range of meats, snack foods and convenience foods. This is basically a win-win situation to the fullest because OSI can now expand into all-new territories.

This company already develops and produces own custom foods. Is there anything that OSI can’t do? By the way, OSI’s clients can choose from a huge selection of food products such as steak, chicken nuggets, chicken fried steak, cooked sausage links, fritters, beans, soups, chili, fruits, onions, tomatoes, cheese, pot roast, cookies, marinades, dips and other food items. All in all, OSI Group’s expansion efforts is solidifying its dominance to the highest degree.


Bob Reina Discusses What it Takes to Survive

These days, it seems that things are a bit too easy to get out of. When things don’t go the way they should, people want out. They want to quit their job, quit their marriages, or when something breaks they just turn to buying a new one. Bob Reina believes that this is where a large percentage of the problems are today. In a recent article written by Reina, he discusses what it takes to survive. Simply put, it’s the will to do. It’s the will to do push and continue on with great things.


Reina gives the most basic example in the beginning of his article. Reina uses learning to ride a bike as the perfect comparison to what happens today. This is what he refers to as a lesson in persistence. This is what it takes to get busy and stay busy. Furthermore, this is about getting busy and staying busy on purpose. The end goal should be to get back up again once you fall off your bike. Survival of the fittest is what Reina used in the title of his article to make a valid point. He says that the problem today is that no one wants to stick with it. Giving up too easily and giving in has damaged the success rate of Americans. Learn more: https://twitter.com/bobreina


Reina knows all too well what this is like. As an entrepreneur, Reina can share his journey in business with you. There is never a perfect run of product releases, regardless of what how successful one may be. The problem Reina refers to as adults is that the inability or willingness to endure some discomfort along the way impacts why people are successful or they are not.


Reina has used direct sales as the business model for his tech company, Talk Fusion. Reina found a common problem, the lack of a good wireless connection to transmit video clips. This is what helped him in birthing his company. Since the company’s inception, Reina has continued to work with his technology team to develop the very best software for individual and business use. Talk Fusion developed the WebRTC technology, and since that time they have released a simple to use upgrade for that technology. Today, many businesses turn to the software from Talk Fusion for ease of use and to boost productivity across multiple channels.


Ronald Fowlkes Helps Shore Up Security for Businesses

To land the position as a Law Enforcement Business Development Manager, Ronald Fowlkes had to provide proof of years of experience in a credible law enforcement sector along with a proven track record of developing business. He not only has years of military commitment, he can combine his strong business mentality, a persuasive leadership style and can generate a natural authority. He also needed to be a good communicator with the ability to interact with senior level law enforcement and other his company’s commercial partners.


Ronald Fowlkes’ current title with Eagle Industries Unlimited is Business Development Manager of Law Enforcement/Commercial Products. He began building his qualifications for this position as early as 1989 when he started his four year stint with the United States Marine Corps. He served in the First Gulf War and received two meritorious promotions while there.


His education for Law Enforcement includes attending the Marine Corps School of Infantry where the following were his focuses:

  • Basic engineering,
  • Air Naval Gunfire, joining the Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company Gunfire (ANGLICO)
  • U.S. Army Parachute School, where obtained his advanced Army-Marine Corps Parachute Insignia
  • NSWF Combat Divers School


His most immediate past was spent in law enforcement. With 13 years as a police officer in St. Louis, Missouri. In 2003, he entered the tactical division of law enforcement as a team leader of the St. Louis Metropolitan Hostage Rescue Team. There, he went on to become a certified instructor of defensive tactics, tactical rifle handling, shoot house and SWAT/URBAN warfare tactics. In the company of that unit, they performed over 250 high risk entries with hostage situations and/or barricaded subjects.


With so much tactical field experience, Ronald Fowlkes is exceptionally prepared to perform the duties demanded by his position at Eagle Industries. Eagle Industries markets and sells tactical equipment ranging from chest rigs and armor carriers to harnesses, belts, packs and bags. Eagle Industries is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vista Outdoor Inc. and their parent company is renowned for the production and sale of shooting, outdoor, and sports products and their accessories.


It’s the job of Ronald Fowlkes to take his awareness of tactical moves and employ that knowledge to advise clients on how to outfit their security staff. Eagle Industries is in a position to fulfill most of those needs and does and the client has improved his security because of the professional guidance he has received from Mr. Fowlkes.


Ronald Fowlkes represents a large company forging the way in a complex and very prolific industry. With uses his expertise in law enforcement to successfully represent Eagle Industries. Eagle translates that into the sale of law enforcement related and recreation products. It may seem like too many hats to wear, but he and the company he works for do an exceptional job.

Logan Stout’s Inspiration For IDLife

One of the most important aspects of success is finding inspiration. This is in fact one of the easiest ways to succeed in any business because when people get inspired, they gain passion. This is one thing that happened to Logan Stout when he has talked with a gentleman. This gentleman was very passionate and knowledgeable about nutrients. He has talked about how all the nutrients naturally occurred. This has intrigued Logan Stout because he himself used to be an athlete. As part of being an athlete, he has always made sure that he has taken care of his nutritional needs. This talk has set him on a path that has eventually led to IDLife.

IDLife is one of the companies that handles nutrients in a way that makes it very beneficial for people. For one thing, the professionals deal with each individual case as its own unique case. In other words, they have an understanding that what works for one individual is not going to work for others. Therefore, they take the time to look at the individual make up and determine the type of nutrients and adjustments to lifestyle they are going to need. This makes it easier for people get the best health they can get.

Read more on Crunchbase.

One thing that IDLife has is the Share IDLife program which allows others to spread the word about the company and the products it has to offer. Whenever someone gets a sale through the word that is spread, then the person who has spread the message is going to get the commission. This is a lot like affiliate marketing. People who have some of the best marketing skills are going to be able to earn the most money from this type of promotion. At the same time, they will be a part of bringing better health to the world.

For more information about IDLife, just visit idlife.com