Sussex Healthcare: Giving The Elderly A Home

Founded during the 1980’s, Sussex Healthcare runs 20 other elderly home care services primarily in Sussex. It gives specialized care to its patients suffering from dementia and diseases like Alzheimer’s. Specialist care is also given to those having difficulties in learning and those with physical challenges caused by neurological effects.

Sussex Healthcare has a Health Quality service license and is ISO 9000:2000 accredited for having skilled management. The management of the facility is through a board which has both medical and business professionals with years of experience. Its primary focus is offering the elderly with a home away from home through professional elderly home care. It also treats age-related diseases in the facilities it runs.

Healthy Environment For The Elderly

Sussex Healthcare has employed professional caregivers who give nursing care 24 hours. They provide rehabilitative and emotional support as well as physical support to its elderly. The caregivers ensure they are well updated on all the developments in their respective fields of work through continuous furthering of their education.

Support System

The homes run by Sussex Healthcare offer comfort to its patients. Balanced-diets are prepared from fresh products and materials used in building the homes and rooms are nontoxic. There are also recreation facilities to enable the patients to relax. Therapeutic treatments are done by professionals who have advanced training.


Patients and Services

The facilities are made in a way that enables them to accommodate patients who may be suffering from age-related ailments and its worker who serves patients are trained in techniques or methods well known for improving health and patient wellness. Sussex Healthcare handles diseases and patients with:

• Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
• Elderly and disabled
• Learning disabilities and developmental disorders
• Neurological conditions

Other Services at Sussex Healthcare Ltd

Audiology care

Sussex incorporates hearing aid services to the elderly. Assessment services are provided to those who due to old age, suffer hearing loss. Sussex provides aftercare to these patients. This program is done in partnership with NHS and is only availed to patients covered under NHS; it’s done with support from other ENT clinics present in other parts of Sussex. The health facility also offers therapy services that include: Physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, and customized therapy. The company also has gym access and gives personal training to patients. There are also educational programs and lifestyle consultancy services.