Dr. Jennifer Walden-Making People Look and Feel Beautiful

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a top notch plastic surgeon in the Texas area. She has made a name for herself on a national and international level with her work in breast augmentations and other cosmetic procedures. She is known for her friendly demeanor and her willingness to do what it takes to safely give patients the results they want to achieve.

Dr. Walden has performed numerous surgeries and procedure for clients all over the world. She was featured in Harper’s Bazaar’s as one of the 24 Best Beauty Surgeons in 2014, and in 2015 she was named one of the “Best Plastic Surgeons in America by American Way. Her work in the industry has lead to her being a commentator on the subject with media outlets like Fox News, Dr. 90210, and ABC News, just to name a few. She is also a consultant for aesthetic companies. Her experience and expertise make her a notable source.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is not only know for her skill, but also her bedside manner. Being a woman and a mom, Dr. Walden can relate to many of her patients on a personal level. She is able to provide them with the safest options that promote both beauty and natural looking results. She has only the best on her staff, including office and nurses.Dr. Walden is a class act. Her achievements speak for themselves, but her patients would gladly vouch for her too. She is highly regarded in the cosmetic surgery field, and she would come highly recommended by any that have crossed paths with her.

Bruno Fagali: Raging War Against Corruption

Brazil hasn’t had the greatest history when it comes to enforcing the law. While many people around the world make jokes about Brazil’s chaos, there are thousands of lawyers, law enforcers, and judges trying to make Brazil the paradise that it can be. One of those lawyers is Bruno Fagali.

Fagali graduated from Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Sao Paulo with a degree in Law. He specialized in Administrative Law and has a Masters in Law of the State. Some of Bruno Fagali’s biggest cases have involved the Anti-Corruption Law. Fagali focuses a lot of his attention on regulatory law.

When it comes to rooting out corporate corruption, Bruno Fagali is not the only authority. Bruno Fagali is a part of a legal movement to uproot and remove corruption. Many Brazilian attorneys see the benefit of a solid contract. Along with the thousands of pro-contract lawyers, corporations are also beginning to embrace this popular consensus.

There’s been a new type of energy in Brazil since the election of President Temer. Many big companies have begun introducing systems of good business practices. There’s a lot more regulation, both within the company and government enforced. Some companies are even excited by the fear of failure or rejection.

With the economy and public outlook changing, many companies are instituting compliance systems. Certain companies even focus on communication of the public interest. That includes instituting practices such as full transparency and embracing the surrounding communities.

When it comes to tax time and quarterly reviews, as well as other corporate procedures, a lot companies become even more transparent. When the Anti-Corruption Law was first being discussed, some companies began establishing compliance systems then. Embracing the changing system is the best way for Brazil to thrive.

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Troy Mcquagge’s Accomplishments Honored

UShealth Group, Inc. is an insurance company based in Ft. Worth Texas that provides health coverage for small business owners and the self-employed. The company strategic goals lie in providing competitive health insurance products that are affordable to its target market group but profitable to the company. Its current CEO is Troy McQuagge.


McQuagge was recently named CEO of the Year at the One Planet awards. This award is aimed at recognizing organizations for their business and professionalism. These honors are grouped into sections such as executives, new products, and services, PR and marketing among others. The awards are eligible for organizations the world over regardless of size, ownership or orientation i.e. whether profit or non-profit. Receiving the award in whichever category as mentioned above is a great honor to whichever individual or organization named and is a show professional excellence and progress.


McQuagge joined the organization in 2010 where he put into motion his plan to take the company on a new path. His first move was re-building Ushealth Advisors, the company’s captive distribution agency. This move brought about a stream of positive outcomes, which meant only good things for the company, which was on a fast track to growth. He went on to accomplish more strategic moves that would guarantee the company’s upward trajectory and make it a greater force in the health insurance sector. This led to McQuagge’s immediate promotion to President and CEO of UShealth group, Inc. in 2014.


His promotion was not the end of his innovative thinking but instead gave him even greater power at implementing whichever plans he saw best for the company’s interest. During his term as the President, he did an exemplary job. The company registered a great deal of growth and success. It was able to register great margins in the individual health insurance market, which happens to be one of the most competitive markets in the health insurance scene.


McQuagge stated that he was greatly honored to receive such a prestigious award and that though he was the one named winner that the award, in general, was for all members of staff in the company. He also stated that the award was a true demonstration of the company’s effort. He believes that the drive towards affordability for all customers is significant. This poses the biggest challenge in their drive towards innovation in providing wider coverage for the ever-changing customer needs.


Having received the honorary award, McQuagge is one of the top executives to be watched as he strives to better the company in the sector. He is a man not only driven by the prospect of profitability but also the need to provide quality and affordable services to all his customers.

StoneCastle CEO Stephen Rotella

On February 1, 2017, Stone Castle Insured Cash Sweep; a subsidiary of StoneCastle Cash Management, LLC announced its acquisition of insured sweep business which was owned by Intermedium Financial, LLC. Stone Castle Cash management is a top provider of insured deposit services and technology to institutional investors. The acquisition of sweep business from Intermedium is a huge boost for StoneCastle considering that it is one of the leading companies offering insured deposit services and they plan to expand to reach segments such as financial advisor, 401k and broker-dealer.


The chief executive officer of StoneCastle, Stephen Rotella, stated that they plan to be an undifferentiated and disruptive force in the insured sweep industry business. He said that the InterLINK platform, which was part of the transaction, strengthens their technology-driven business and only serves to expand StoneCastle’s distribution options. StoneCastle has one of the largest bank networks in the country and an extensive sales and marketing experience in catering for the needs of institutional clients.

Before Stephen Rotella became head of StoneCastle, he was the president of Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation. He served as the executive vice president of JP Morgan Chase and the chief executive officer of Chase Home Finance, LLC since 2001. From January 10, 2005, to October 2008, Mr. Rotella served as the president and chief operating officer of WMI Holdings. He was the president of retail banking while at WMI Holdings for around four months (June 2008 – October 2008).


At, WMI Holdings, Mr. Rotella was in charge of mortgage, commercial and retail areas of the business. He was also the head of the technology group and oversaw the daily activities at the company. Stephen served as the acting head of home loans division at WMI and was part of the team that formed the community development group at JP Morgan Chase. He was the executive vice president of servicing at Chase Manhattan mortgage company (1991-1998). Stephen Rotella served as the senior vice president of finance, product development, and marketing from 1987 to 1991. Before joining Chase, he worked in the mutual fund, retail brokerage, and systems consulting industries. Stephen holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the State University of New York at Stony Brook.

Eric Pulier: A Man of Diverse Capabilities

Eric Pulier is a successful individual who has created an outstanding reputation through his involvement in diverse fields or roles. As so, he is an accomplished columnist, published author, philanthropist, entrepreneur, businessperson and entrepreneur.


As a businessperson, Eric Pulier has funded, founded as well as co-founded many ventures. ServiceMesh, Akana, Evolution, Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, Digital Evolution, Media Platform and US Interactive are some of the ventures that boast of Pulier’s involvement.

Pulier is also known as a venture capitalist due to his investment in various entities including Monitor Ventures, eCompanies, and Trident Capital. He also boasts of active investments in seed level startups in both the technology and media sector.


Pulier has established a name for himself in the philanthropic spectrum due to his support for charitable efforts. However, his philanthropic involvement is channeled towards initiatives that utilize technology to solve issues affecting communities that are economically disadvantaged as well as physically impaired children in the United States and around the globe.

He is acknowledged for creating one of the very first multimedia educational programs aimed at teaching individuals who have multiple sclerosis about the ailment. He did this to support the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Further, he was highly honored at the US Doctors for Africa benefit occasion, which was held in New York City. In the presence of donor/paid attendees, Pulier was acknowledged for his effort in delivering technical innovation geared to meeting the healthcare needs in Africa.

In the past, Pulier was a Clinton Global Initiative’s member. He spearheaded the follow-up exploration of an initiative aimed at providing affordable cloud-computing resources to less-served communities. Currently, he is a Painted Turtle board member. The Painted Turtle Camp was established with the aim of providing a camp destination for children suffering from chronic and other life-threatening illnesses.


Pulier published The Enterprise Industrial Complex on Forbes Magazine in March 2012.Previously in 2005, he had authored a book known as Understanding Enterprise SOA through the assistance of Hugh Taylor, his co-author. The book gives business people and technologists a clear picture of issues and how they interdepend on each other. The information on the book is derived from experiences witnessed by real companies in different sectors.

How Eric Pulier is Inspiring Entrepreneurs and Adding Value to Lives

Having spent time as an entrepreneur for many years, Eric Pulier has gathered sufficient experience and skills necessary to push him to implement projects that are aimed at enhancing the understanding of entrepreneurship and business among upcoming investors. He has taken part in the management and funding of several philanthropic foundations.

Eric Pulier has also raised millions in a bid to support the venture capitals he founded and co-founded. His dream to support as many young entrepreneurs as possible was realized through these venture capitals, which include eCompanies, Akana, Media Platform and Digital Evolution. Eric Pulier continues to extend his hand into helping entrepreneurs through articles and journals addressing issues ailing different sectors of business.

Passion and effort
One of the things that have inspired the achievement of success for Eric Pulier is the fact that he has maintained his passion and channeled his effort into pursuing his dream. Eric started admiring technology at a young age and he resolved to pursue a course that would lead him to work as a computer programmer. His dedication led him to research and before he joined high school, he already had some skills in the area.

Furthering quest for success
While at the Harvard University to pursue American Literature and English, he was given a column which he called the Pulier Leg. On this space he shared articles about business and entrepreneurship and he responded to emerging trends and concerns. At this time, Eric Pulier was also a student at the MIT College where he chose Computer Science.

In addition to his successful career, Eric Pulier has been a philanthropic individual with great influence in many circles. He financially supports the Campaign for Free College Tuition, which allows Americans to access college education for free. He also works with the Painted Turtle as a board member. The foundation supports children with chronic illnesses.

Literary works
Some of the publications Eric Pulier has done include Understanding Enterprise SOA and The Enterprise Industrial Complex (available on the Forbes Magazine). His main areas of writing have been business and entrepreneurship and he has offered invaluable advice to upcoming entrepreneurs in different industries.
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