Matt Badili holds a Masters degree in geology from Florida Atlantic University. In his pursuit of a PHD, a friend introduced him to the finance world.

Discovery of Freedom Checks

As he was working on a project for a renowned financial expert, Matt discovered freedom checks. This project led him to meet with various Chief Executive Officers in the oil sector across the globe.

Defining MLPs. Visit stockgumshoe.com to know more.

MLPs mean Master Limited Partnerships and consist of a group of 568 companies. Their operations are mainly in various gas and oil areas including Permian Basin and Bakken shale. They are involved in the processing, production, transport and storage of gas and oil. These companies are supposed to pay not less than 90% of their earnings to investors. These freedom checks can be quarterly or monthly and can also be compared to dividends from traditional stock.

Exxon Mobil, oilman T.Pickers and Anadarcko are some of the investors in the Master Limited Partnerships.

A law that was approved by congress in 1987 and under statute 26-F made the Freedom checks legal. There are two requirements that enable these companies to operate tax free. They are:

  • The income that the companies get from production, transportation, processing and storage of gas and oil must be produced in the United States.
  • These companies must agree to pay their shareholders their freedom checks every year. Some of these payments range from as low as $124,000 to as high as $643,000.

Investing in MLPs

Freedom check is considered an investment because buying shares is as simple as getting them in Google or Apple. You can also receive your dividend in your mail or brokerage account. The freedom checks paid out to shareholders varies and most top investors make sizable amounts. Compared to conservative investments the pay is two to three times more.

Anyone with an adequate amount of money can get a share in one of the MLPs. This is because some are selling their shares for as little as $10.

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Your retirement savings can also improve with time from the freedom checks. For example if you invest $1000 at 6% per annum for 20 years in a traditional stock company, you will more or less get $2,200 payout. The same amount invested in MLPs considering capital gains and regular payments would give you $149,300.

Investors who decide to sell their investments in any MLPs are also offered tax benefits. Their profits are taxed using the rate for gains in lower capital and not the rate for personal income.


Though different reviews claim freedom check is a scam, various financial analysts confirm it is a legitimate investment. Read this article about Freedom Checks at Banyan Hill.