OSI Food Solutions’ Make It Happen Mentality

OSI Food Solutions, a leading wholesaler of food products, has made a huge imprint on modern-day society. This phenomenal company has literally taken over the game and there seems to be no slowing-down in the immediate future. This company came into existence back in 1909. Otto Kolschowski, a German immigrant, is the epitome of a hard worker. This man, and his family operated the business with plenty of success as it sold some of the best meat products. These meat products were very high in quality. McDonald’s jumped on the bandwagon and started buying meats from the company, and the two entities have remained loyal clients of each other to this very day.

Who else has OSI worked with? OSI Food Solutions has a proven history of success. The company has also worked with the prominent brands of Burger King, Starbucks, Subway, Yum, Papa John’s Pizza and Pizza. This list can literally go on and on for days. One of the company’s biggest and best moves was when it acquired stake in Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe needs no introduction as it is a major supplier of food products in U.K. Flagship Europe specializes in the production of marinades, dips, dressings and sauces. In addition to that, the company offers frozen poultry and award-wining pies. With this acquisition, OSI has strengthened its position in the United Kingdom’s marketplace. These new possibilities will definitely help OSI with serving its foreign customers.

Tyson Foods, an Arkansas supplier of meat products, is one of the top names in the business. In 2016, Tyson Foods’ plant in Chicago was purchased by OSI Food Solutions for up to $7.4 million. The 200,000-square-foor facility will offer ample amounts of space, and it’s near OSI’s headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. As you can see, OSI Food Solutions is surely making business moves for the future and only time will tell what it has in store next.

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OSI Group Acquires Baho Foods Amongst Other Plants

News out of Aurora, Illinois showcases the purchase of Baho Food to OSI Group. The Dutch manufacturer that specializes in convenience foods as well as in snacks and deli meats has been acquired by OSI Group with the terms of the financial agreements being undisclosed.

With the purchase of Baho Foods to OSI Group, the presence of OSI is broader now in Europe. David McDonald, the president and COO of OSI goes on record to state that the company portfolio that contains products and brands is going to compliment the reach of OSI within the processing strengths and all the while broadening the capabilities to better serve those they provide for.

There are five different subsidiaries within the processing plant in Germany as well as in the Netherlands. With those 5 subsidiaries, the reach of OSI will expand into 18 various European countries.

For a number of employees of Baho Foods, they will remain on the payroll of OSI to help merge the two companies over into one. Some of those employees like managing director of Baho Foods, John Balvers and a variety of his team managers and members will remain on the OSI payroll to help with the merge.

OSI Group has a wide range of expertise in foods because they are so well known. In recent months, OSI had acquired not only Baho Foods but also Tyson Foods in Chicago. With the purchase of Tyson Foods in Chicago, the OSI exsisting plant in Chicago is close enough to make the merge beneficial for both plants.

Not only are they pleased to add Tyson to their merge but also to have the clients on board who Tyson served. With the merge, the clients of Tyson are going to have a broader range of products available to them. There will be an abundance of options available to the clients with the purchase of Baho and Tyson.

The Tyson Food plant in Chicago was the operational portion for prepared foods and when the plant had discussed closing in November of 2015, OSI Group came to the rescue and purchased the plant. Before the purchase, Tyson was being forced to close their doors because of the decline in customers and clients and the increase of costs associated with running a warehouse and manufacturing plant. The goal was to closse down 2 different plants to help cut the overhead costs associated with Tyson Foods.

The headquarters of OSI Group is located in Aurora, Illinois. They provide value added proteins as well as other food items to various food services and is in charge of numerous retail brands. They are privately held corporations with almost 60 facilities within 17 various countries with a large portion of OSI poultry productions throughout China.


OSI Group Has Earned It’s Place Among Companies

The OSI Group has a reputation that has been built over many decades. The company originated from humble beginnings. It was founded by a German immigrant who had a vision for what the distribution industry could be. Otto Kolsckowsky started with a meat market in the early nineteen hundreds. He soon develop his company into a distribution outlet that provided meat to local food businesses around the area. He called it Otto and Sons. They began in Oak Park, Illinois and soon branched out to other regions around the state.

When McDonald’s CEO Ray Kroc was looking to open a restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois, he reached out to Otto and Sons to supply meat to his operation. The business relationship between McDonald’s and Otto and Sons was very successful. The meat distributor understood that they were dealing with an innovative organization. They would have to maintain a similar level of creativity in order to secure there situation. Otto and Sons introduced new business ideas such as cryogenic freezing and the patty cutting machine. Cryogenic freezing and liquid nitrogen tunnels gave Otto and Sons the ability to store large amounts of meat and maintain product freshness.

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This appealed to McDonald’s who had a growing need for supply and was relying on several distributors to get them what they needed. The patty cutting machine enable Otto and Sons to provide McDonald’s with a ready-made product on delivery. Business moves such as this endeared Otto and Sons to Ray Kroc. They eventually became the exclusive distributor of meat to the McDonald’s organization.

Otto and Sons changed their name to OSI Industries in 1975. The company continues to grow and provide opportunity to anyone who is looking to work for a progressive organization. It has hiring post in areas such as Germany, the UK, Poland, Hungary, Asia-Pacific and the United States. The company is dedicated to bringing in diversity in order to remain at the cutting edge of its particular industry.

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