Drawn to Drew Madden: An Icon of Success

Let’s talk about the key to CVS’ success and their recent decision to enter negotiations with Aetna in hopes of buying them up and pressing their services across the counters of CVS stores everywhere. There’s a lot that goes into this: the reasons why the legendary health and wellness company is taking this step, how it benefits consumers and what it’ll take to successfully launch it. For those who aren’t in the know, Aetna is a big dog in the health insurance area, and quite a chunk of the country already depends on the company for health care, so making the leap into CVS in this fashion is a massive endeavor.

It’s not just slightly worrisome for the customers; it’s also a touch hairy on CVS’ end because of the sheer volume of infrastructural upgrades that’ll be needed behind the scenes with the IT guys and gals. Hosting health insurance requires databases and connections to the right services in order to produce information on patients and their needs. This is even more important for a company that envisions fusing such an incredibly relied-upon name in health insurance with the rest of their current pharmaceutical and retail offerings, which should ideally be seamless like butter and smooth as silk when synergizing offerings between them.

That’s going to require the assistance of a man named Drew Madden. The whole reason that CVS — the smart player that it is — wants to make such an incredible motion is thanks to the barging presence of Amazon and its recent expansion in the medical retail environment. As such, CVS is firing back with a plan that’s so ambitious on a hard- and software level that the likes of the legendary Drew Madden, the highly successful ex-president of Nordic Consulting from 2011 to 2016, will undoubtedly be able to shoulder with immense success.

The man now works with Evergreen Healthcare and leads the team with his peerless health care IT expertise. This could turn tides for CVS, and if they continue to play it as smart as they always have, this man could be the one who seals their victory against Amazon on the retail front. For customers, this is great news because it means that you can pick up health care right next to your prescriptions and a quart of milk inside any CVS you visit. Tell us that’s not convenient!