Tony Petrello: Philanthropy And Visionary Leadership Seamlessly Intertwined

Within America’s corporate sector, Tony Petrello’s name is synonymous with success and visionary leadership. Since being appointed to serve as the chief executive officer of Nabors Industries, Mr. Petrello has transformed the company into one of the leading oil drilling companies globally. As the fortunes of the company grew, Mr. Petrello’s fortunes grew exponentially to become the highest paid corporate leader globally. Having benefitted from scholarship to go through university education, he has continued with the same spirit and supported numerous causes especially in Houston.

This dedication to charity has seen his partner with his wife Cynthia Carrafa towards supporting various charitable causes and individuals. In March 2018, the couple hosted Tommy Tune, a Houston-born philanthropist and multi-talented artist at their home. Raised in Houston, Texas, Mr. Tune also shares the philanthropic aspirations of Mr. Petrello. The multiple Tony Award-winning artist is dedicated to promoting musical talent in Houston. Mr. Tune, a Broadway artist, founded a music award organization, Tommy Tunes Awards. The awards are handed out to students with musical talent.

Building a Legacy of Success and Philanthropy

Tony Petrello developed a keen interest in Mathematics while in high school where he developed a reputation as a math whiz-kid. He later pursued his ambitions at Yale University where he joined on a scholarship. He studied for both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mathematics before switching to law studies. He is an alumnus of Harvard University’s Law School where he graduated with a Juris Doctor degree. His degree paved the way for a career in law industry from 1979 before joining Nabors Industries in 1991. Joining Nabors marked a significant career move as he rose through the ranks of the company to become its chairman in 2012. He was also appointed the company’s chief executive officer in 2011.

Over the years, Mr. Petrello has developed a reputation as one of the leading philanthropists in Houston, Texas. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, he played an integral role in helping the victims. In addition to his donation, Tony Petrello led employees of Nabors Industries in cleaning up the debris. The employees also offered financial support, prepared meals for the victims and actively participated in their resettlement.

Philanthropy Born Out of Personal Tragedy

Together with his wife, Tony Petrello financially supports Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital. The couple’s multi-million donation is aimed at promoting research in periventricular leukomalacia (PVL). Their daughter, Carena developed PVL due to premature birth. Her condition later developed into cerebral palsy.