USHealth Group: A Company Committed To Proving Affordable and Reliable Insurance Covers

Commitment to quality and innovation are some of the core values braced and practised at USHealth Group LLC. The 2016 One Planet Award gold winner is committed to ensuring that their clients get insurance covers that are not only affordable but also available whenever required. The company won the award for their innovation and social corporate responsibility. The company was applauded for their hard work and devotion to ensuring that their clients got innovative health care solutions.

USHealth Group is headed by a team of qualified and skilled leaders. Their current chairman and CEO also won the CEO of the year 2016. One Planet Award awarded him a gold medal for his brilliant leadership and his commitment to the company. At USHealth, team work and spirit are encouraged always, as it is the sole inspiration of innovation and creativity in the company.

USHealth Group targets small business people and low income earners. The company understands the challenges that comes with small entrepreneurs providing insurance covers for their employees. The company therefore provides solutions that cover medical covers, dental check-ups, for both families and individuals. Through their innovative team the company personalizes insurance covers for their clients making sure that they suit their needs and wants.

The company provides compounded services to their clients by availing them to physicians. The company avails customized prescription to their clients to help patients get better medication at cheaper prices. The company also offers practice management that includes IT services accounting, reports and credentialing among others. More interestingly, the company partners with hospitals to provide surgical services to clients that include provision of implants and biologics.

USHealth Group has been celebrated and awarded for their services. For more than seventy years in practise, the company continues to do great by their clients. In order to do so the company works alongside various firms. The Freedom Life Insurance Company of America is a subsidiary that helps the company come up with customized insurance covers for their clients.

USHealth Advisors is another subsidiary in the USHealth Group of Companies that deals solely with their marketing. The company makes sure that they deal with the product portfolio and makes sure that the products are well advertised ad they reach their clients as soon as they are launched. The company also handles sales of the company by incorporating technology into the department.


The success of the company can be attributed to the devotion and commitment of the company’s employees. These include the sales agents that work tirelessly to avail these covers too their clients in various parts of the country. Sales agents are guaranteed bonuses and an attractive remuneration that motivates them to keep going to ensure that clients get the best covers.