Modern Hippies Find Snacks With Help From Livio Bisterzo

Gluten Free Chickpea SnackThe modern hippy movement has multiple aims. Many modern day hippies want to adhere to certain principles when they are eating. Such principles typically include staying as close to the earth as possible when looking for products to consume and keeping it vegan if possible. These are goals that those at Green Park Brands fully understand and completely embrace. Their new chickpea snack Hippeas aims to be a treat that is modern but also in line with the principles they know their consumers find very important.

Livio Bisterzo understands that his customers love eating items they know are fully in line with the goal of keeping close to natural ingredients and treating all those who prepare food with kindness and respect. His a global brand that works with suppliers all over the world including Africa. It is here that he has helped partner with an initiative called Farm Africa on a plan they call Food For Good.

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Having Fun

He and his group of partner come to the world of food with the intention of having fun as well as offering special snacks. Their goal is to offer special brands that are not only about doing good but also about having a bit of fun. Each package of organic chickpea puffs has a bit of a smile in it, allowing people to feel a sense of creativity when they buy these snacks. The aim is also to create something that is forward thinking and not always about a brand that takes itself all that seriously. Their additional aim was to walk away from the cliques of the hippie era and march into something that is modern and has charm as well as offering delicious snacks.

Basic Values

Their ultimate aim of the company is to fuse doing good with providing a snack they know that people everywhere will enjoy. Each small package of HIPPEAS ( offers a burst of flavor the second it is eaten, letting snackers relax with something that brings them calories as well as protein and fiber. People will find HIPPEAS on the shelves of their local area Starbucks, making it easy for them to pair with a cup of the varied coffees at the chain or a tasty sandwich. Each snack is made from ingredients that are fun, delicious and in line with principles that many people still hold today decades after the end of the original hippie era.