We Give You the “Real” Low-Down on The RealReal

From online conception, to having a physical store in NYC, The RealReal is breaking down barriers and stereotypes for a seemingly paradoxical phrase, “secondhand luxury”. You’ve probably shopped at a consignment store before – and you may have preconceptions about what they’re like. Now, try to imagine a consignment store where everything is high-end and hard to come by. The RealReal makes a guarantee of both quality assurance and authenticity, while extending the lifespan of designer goods both online and in real life.

As any wise retailer does, The RealReal leverages the digital age and runs a successful Instagram account. Going by the handle @therealreal, they boast 162,000 followers, and give you a try-before-you buy feel. They supply a continuous stream of #outfitinspo and tease previews of some of their stock. They keep their feed diverse: they sprinkle relatable quotes (Carrie Bradshaw, anyone?) with photos of luxe Gucci bathing suits and renowned Hermes Birkins that can make even the most frugal girl lustful. Juxtaposing their inventory on backdrops of crystal clear swimming pools or grungy sidewalks, they always keep it fresh.

Don’t have any upcoming trips to NYC planned? The RealReal app allows users to browse the store’s selection – and freezes items in real time if they are being tried on or considered in the store. On top of that, The RealReal provides industry knowledge on this season’s tips so you know which pieces will fit in with the current trends.

The RealReal is breaking the glass ceiling for consignment shopping, and they have no plans of stopping. And for a limited time, all users that sign up receive a $25 credit towards their first purchase.