How End Citizens United Is Aiding America’s Voting Rights

Every day in America there are forces doing battle with one another for control of the American vote. Of course, this battle is in the shadows and most American citizens never become aware of the very real problem. This problem exists, however, and it is very hard to ignore. Just looking at the 2016 Presidential Election and how Russian agents actively utilized fake news in order to help prop up Donald Trump should be enough for anyone to acknowledge the problem.

Of course, there are issues a little bit closer to home as well. Back in 2010 a lawyer named James Bopp led a group of conservatives called Citizens United to the Supreme Court. Once there he argued for the rights of corporations to be allowed to funnel money into politics. This decision has had a haunting effect on the United States government.

Citizens United knew what they were doing when they argued for the rights of corporations to influence American politics. In fact, in order Bopp’s argument essentially was that corporations should be allowed to directly influence politicians by way of lobbying. Imagine that a law comes through Congress to argue for the reduction of dirty energy in America. Now, imagine a Congressman or Congresswoman who has been paid off by coal lobbyists. Do you think they will vote for their constituents? For this reason alone there has been real pushback on what Citizens United has done and some of that pushback is thanks to the work done by a political action committee called End Citizens United.

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End Citizens United was established with the sole intention of making their name an absolute reality. End Citizens United is currently led by PAC president Tiffany Muller. Muller has been a vocal force in the fight for equality at the top levels of government within the arena of campaign finance reform. Most recently Muller has gone public in support of the Honest Ads Act. This act was submitted by Senators Mark Warner, John McCain and Amy Klobuchar. The goal of this act is to shine a spotlight on the very real problem of fake news and how it is changing the political world in a bad way. Tiffany Muller said of the Honest Ads Act, “While too many sit idly by, Senators Amy Klobuchar, Mark Warner and John McCain are working to prevent further infiltration from foreign governments through their Honest Ads Act.”

End Citizens United is getting prepared for what will be a very active year of action. End Citizens United knows that the 2018 Congressional Elections will decide the future of America and that they can’t sit idly by while people work to pollute the system. End Citizens United will be relied upon to help bridge the gap between the American voter and the American government.

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The Political Arm of George Soros

George Soros is a powerful figure in the world of politics. The wealthy billionaire has been a strong supporter of the Democratic Party for many years. He has been willing to put his fortune behind the causes he believes in. This includes presidential candidates as well as charitable organizations. Soros had scaled back his involvement in politics. However, the emergence of Donald Trump reinvigorated his desire to influence the presidential election. George Soros’ contributions amounted to tens of millions of dollars in support of Hillary Clinton. Soros truly believed that the Republican Party would not move to address any of the issues that he thought were important to the country.

Ironically, Soros supported the Barack Obama campaign that ran against Hillary Clinton. This is a decision that he would come to regret. George Soros felt like he never got the return on his investment in Obama. As Obama’s presidency evolved, the President did not seem committed to the issues that Soros considered important. He supported Obama again as he ran for a second term. However, it was known among his constituents that he actually favored Clinton. Sources say that he found her more accessible, and easier to relate to. Soros’s relationship with Barack Obama never developed into what he felt it should have been.

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The Capitalist Threat

Many figured George Soros had lost his taste for politics after his experience with Barack Obama. He had dialed back his political contributions. Much of his charitable investments turned to philanthropic agendas. Soros committed 13 billion dollars over the span of several years to various human rights organizations. Issues such as healthcare and the spread of democracy throughout Europe received much of his attention. Supporting education in the U.S. and around the world has also been a top priority for Mr. Soros.

The emergence of Donald Trump inspired Soros to return to the world of politics. Trump posed a major threat to the Democratic Party. Soros would go on to become one of the largest contributors to the Hillary Clinton campaign in an effort to defeat the Republican nominee. His contributions allowed Clinton to amass financial support that more than doubled the Trump campaign. Soros was inspired by the Clinton effort. It was reported to then Secretary of State that he felt his connection with her was stronger then what he had with President Obama. He regretted backing Obama against Clinton in previous years. Soros called it a mistake. He revealed to Hillary Clinton that he likes to admit regrettable decisions. This endeared him to Clinton supporters.

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