Academy of Art University Center for Technological Innovation

Academy of Art University is well known for innovative training where students are equipped with creative skills. Some of the career training offered comprises of entertainment, liberal arts, design and even fine arts. However, the areas of specializations are so many giving the students high exposure to technology innovation. The School of Game Development (GAM) enables learners to develop appropriate technological skills in their career. Most recently, there was a presentation where augmented reality so that it can have a significant to the residents. It was an application for the smartphone called Tenderfeels.

The introduction of this application was timely since San Francisco is termed to be unsafe due to crime and violent cases. And the students from the Academy of Art University utilize that opportunity to showcase their technical talent and present the Tenderfeels since it will assure safety to the residents. With the use of augmented reality, the application is expected to provide real-time results, and that benefits the society. It is not complicated to use since there are manuals even the videos so that the users can efficiently follow and know how to use it effectively.

Academy of Art University was founded in 1929, and its primary objective was to instill skills to students so that they can become artists that are professional. In so doing they encouraged hard work and dedication to students so that they can emerge to be competent professionals in the industry of innovation technology.

This university produces reliable young professionals because they consider state of the art facilities and curriculum in their training. So many students have graduated from Academy of Art University and hired by the top companies such as Apple, Zynga, and Nike to mention a few. This is an indication the skills that the graduates have from the Academy of Art University is in line with what is required in the market industry currently.

The management of Academy of Art University led by President Dr. Elisa Stephen makes this institution to be competent with remarkable reputation. It is accredited and has over 18,000 students that work hard to get the best out of that school.

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Keith Mann: A Successful Entrepreneur and Humanitarian

Keith Mann is one of the people in the world who are quick to identify and exploit business gaps. For him the beginning of a good business lies in the ability to see what the people need and use this to create a good business. As such, Keith Mann is a successful director and CEO of Dynamics search partners where he helps the company’s with staffing, marketing, investment and internal strategy professionals.

The company was formed when Keith discovered that there was a rapid growing market in the hedge fund industry. It was solely to serve alternative investment firms. Before this, he worked at Dynamics Executive Search as a managing director. At this firm Keith helped to hire staff for all kinds of financial firms. He has worked in the executive search industry for over 15 years and is now an expert in hedge fund staffing, compensation and hiring strategy. It is with this knowledge that he was able to start his own company and make it very successful. Keith attributes his success in business to both his working experience and his upbringing that exposed him to the world of business at a very young age.

In addition to his business venture, Keith has shown humanitarian efforts in the way he deals with things that affects the well-being of the people. Over the years, he has contributed to the efforts by the police and activists to reduce violence in streets. In one of the instances he sympathized with the police trying to handle violence by sending lunch to the New York precinct. Keith is also an outspoken animal advocate and has led by example in his course against animal brutality by sacrificing meat and living a vegan life.

The biggest accomplishment to Keith is assisting students from poor backgrounds. He has partnered up with Uncommon Schools in New York to ensure that such students can access education up to the college level and make something of their life. It is in this spirit that he launched the Keith and Keely Mann scholarship for such students. Keith is a humbled man who has done nothing but serve the people of New York to the best of his ability.