Bob Reina Discusses What it Takes to Survive

These days, it seems that things are a bit too easy to get out of. When things don’t go the way they should, people want out. They want to quit their job, quit their marriages, or when something breaks they just turn to buying a new one. Bob Reina believes that this is where a large percentage of the problems are today. In a recent article written by Reina, he discusses what it takes to survive. Simply put, it’s the will to do. It’s the will to do push and continue on with great things.


Reina gives the most basic example in the beginning of his article. Reina uses learning to ride a bike as the perfect comparison to what happens today. This is what he refers to as a lesson in persistence. This is what it takes to get busy and stay busy. Furthermore, this is about getting busy and staying busy on purpose. The end goal should be to get back up again once you fall off your bike. Survival of the fittest is what Reina used in the title of his article to make a valid point. He says that the problem today is that no one wants to stick with it. Giving up too easily and giving in has damaged the success rate of Americans. Learn more:


Reina knows all too well what this is like. As an entrepreneur, Reina can share his journey in business with you. There is never a perfect run of product releases, regardless of what how successful one may be. The problem Reina refers to as adults is that the inability or willingness to endure some discomfort along the way impacts why people are successful or they are not.


Reina has used direct sales as the business model for his tech company, Talk Fusion. Reina found a common problem, the lack of a good wireless connection to transmit video clips. This is what helped him in birthing his company. Since the company’s inception, Reina has continued to work with his technology team to develop the very best software for individual and business use. Talk Fusion developed the WebRTC technology, and since that time they have released a simple to use upgrade for that technology. Today, many businesses turn to the software from Talk Fusion for ease of use and to boost productivity across multiple channels.