Malcolm Casselle and The Development and Innovation He Brings for WAX

It’s not a total stretch to say that to understand the world of cryptocurrency would discombobulate your mind. It is confusing but simple, and it is also filled with arabesque conditions and details that would be so hard, if not impossible, to understand. One of the companies involved in such cryptocurrency and help people make sense of it is Wax, a renowned seller of game skins.


The Gaming World Is The Catalyst

Who would have foreseen that it is actually in the gaming industry that the cryptocurrency program would get its most avid supporters? In the report from Hi-Tech Chronicle, we can learn that OPSkins right now is the global leader in any time of exchange and commerce in virtual assets. The CIO of the company is Malcolm Casselle, and the work he does for the company is seen to be one of the most impressive that the world of cryptocurrency has ever seen.

The Launch of WAX

Even despite the global leadership that they have, OPSkins is still doing its best to innovate and expand. Its new program right now is the Worldwide Asset eXchange, and it is termed to be a leading P2P marketplace for the trading of virtual assets that have a decentralized but blockchain-oriented mechanism. This marketplace will be a fascinating avenue for people to trade virtual assets in the most non-fragmented and organized way.

About Malcolm CasSelle

There might be a lot of information we can read about Mr. CasSelle, that we might need a different article to encapsulate all of them. However, one thing we should not forget to mention here is the fact that Malcolm Casselle is the current President of WAX and CIO of OPSkins.

Being the previous President and CTO at tronc, which was named Tribune Publishing before, is also great training for him to lead in his business. We should also state here that the Malcolm is also a co-founder of PCCW, which is a publicly traded telecom that has its main headquarters in Hongkong. It has a current value of an excess of around $35 Billion in USD.