The change that Helane Morrison has effected in her illustrious career

The sad thing about women and power is the fact that they are still greatly sidelined when it comes to the creation and availability of opportunities where they can showcase their ability to lead. This is perhaps the reason behind the fact that only a handful has ever held office in the SEC. One of the few who managed to break the glass ceiling, and leave a legacy in their trail is Helane Morrison. Working in a financial industry that has done nothing other than soil their name steadily since the early 200’s hasn’t been easy for Helane, but she has made it happen and the legacy that she will leave behind will not be matched by many.

Helane has not only thrived in the industry, which calls for an extreme level of self-discipline and dedication to make it, but has also policed it. There was a time when she was a fire breathing journalist, which was followed by a career in the government service. All this time, the one thing that has been constant about her is the manner in which she has worked for the prevention of corruption. She is reliable, determined and extremely influential in the business. For the past thirty years, she has been working hard to make her mark in the business and she is still trying her best to make a mark.

One of the things that she has never shied away from was exposing people that were involved in corrupt dealings. In 2007, there are many people in the country that were left in a state of complete shock when the institutions around them, came tumbling down. Banks were looking up to the government to get the much needed bailouts and unemployment was at an all time high. The one thing that people realized during the time was the completely unethical nature in which the entire financial sector was conducting itself. The issues ran from shallow to deep, what had seemed like a little tweaking of the figures here and there turned into a racket with destroyed documents and false claims in the market.

Nine years after the crumble, not many Americans trust the systems. Only about 28 percent of the population of the country actually believes that the country is on the right track economically. It is people like Helane Morrison that gives a little glimmer of hope that things might get better with time.


Malini Saba: Businesswoman and Mom

Who is Malini Saba? Well, she is a very successful Asian business woman who has a great impact not just on business and commerce in Asia, but in the entire world. She is also known as one of the greatest entrepreneurs and philanthropists in South Asia.


She is the chairman of Saban, a company that has lots of holdings and assets, such as holdings in technology companies in the US, oil and gas in China, and properties in Australia and India. She also started Stree: Global Investments in Women. This organization helps women in places like Asia, Africa, India, and Eastern Europe have access to the healthcare and legal services they are in need of. Stree: Global Investments in Women has been inaugurated by President Bill Clinton of the United States and Queen of Jordan Noor.


Malini Saba has faced many obstacles in her path to success, but she knew that she can never give up. When she first started, there were corrupt people who were trying to force her out of a particular area. She did not give up. She fought back, and her efforts paid off.


She started off by investing in more than twenty companies from the Silicon Valley, such as Paypal, Netscreen Technologies and Sycamore Networks. She eventually grew her business and is now an extremely wealthy and successful individual. She does not use her money just for business, but she donates large amounts of it.


She is one of the greatest philanthropists in Asia, as mentioned above. For example, she has donated a million dollars to start the world’s first Heart Research Center for South Asians at El Camino Hospital. This hospital is located in Mountain View, CA. She also donated ten times that amount, or ten million dollars, to residents of Sri Lanka and India in areas that were devastated by tsunamis in 2004.


She starts her days at five in the morning, so that she can contact her associates in Asia across the world. Ste then, at seven o’clock, makes time for her daughter and walks her to school, making time to talk and chat and become close and provide her daughter with a mother relationship. She also makes sure to pick up her daughter from school at three in the afternoon, because she does not believe in nannies.


Indeed, Saba is both a businesswoman, a philanthropist, and a mother to her daughter.

Malini Saba’s Illustrious Career and Aspirations

Malini Saban is a celebrated female philanthropist and investor of South Asian extraction. According to an excerpt about her on Ideamensch, she is the Chairman of the integrated Saban Group. The company has interests in oil and gas, technology and real estate in several countries, including India, China, US and Australia. Saban began her investment career as a venture capitalist in the 90’s. Her investments span over 20 companies, including Sycamore Networks, Netscreen Technologies and PayPal. Netscreen Technologies and PayPal were later acquired by Juniper Networks and eBay for $4 billion and $1.5 billion respectively.

Her typical workday, involves handling conference call with the Asian office to keep track of her commodities business, she then takes her daughter to and back from school and attends to matters in the US and Europe in between. Malini is very excited about the commodity market because it promises great returns. Her investment firm owns thousands of acres of rice fields and over 5,000 hectares of palm oil. As someone who has worked closely with Malini, I would say that her work philosophy is shaped by a strong belief in taking risks and not giving up. Steve Jobs is someone she admires a lot because of his fighting spirit and ability to stand his ground.

Outside her corporate engagements, Malini is very passionate about philanthropy. She began a nonprofit organization called “Stree: Global Investments in Women” in 2001 to change the way women with low income and children view themselves and their role in the wider society. Her organization helps women access legal empowerment, healthcare and supports forums that encourage grass roots advocacy. The foundation was inaugurated by former President Bill Clinton and Queen Noor of Jordan. Its operations span several continents, including Africa, Central America and Eastern Europe and India subcontinent.

Malini Saba also supports the first Heart Research Center for South Asians that is based in El Camino Hospital, Mountain View, California. She made her donation of $1 million to the center on June 2005. A year earlier, she toured India and Sri Lanka and pledge to give $10 million to support the communities ravaged by the deadly Tsunami. Malini also sits on the board of Stanford Cancer Institute in (SCI) California according to a brief overview about her on Crunchbase.