ClassDojo Continues To Make Positive Improvements Between Teachers And Their Students

Education technology startups such as ClassDojo had a good year in 2017. The learning strategies adapt well to the needs of the students. There are numerous success stories and they all have commonalities. They make learning easy for the educators, fun for the kids and have been extremely well tested both in and out of classrooms. There are high expectations from the educators regarding products to improve the learning of the students.

These products are ordered by support and administrative staff looking for specific characteristics. The products must be able to solve real problems in the classroom. The biggest problem is the assumption by these companies that they know what the students and teachers require. Every app encounters teachers who have already found a way to make the subject fun for the students.

The success of ClassDojo is partially due to the fact they spoke with the teachers about specific challenges they are encountering. Sam Chaudhary is the founder and he made a commitment to listen to the students, teachers and parents while the product was still being developed. This enabled ClassDojo to solve an important need of the teachers. They established communication between the students and the parents regarding the progress of the student. This led to ClassDojo being used in ninety percent of the United States school districts in grades Kindergarten through eighth.

The competition in the field of educational tools is so fierce the products must be tested and proven to achieve success. Accelerators have become popular and not one has failed yet. Teachers are finally finding the tools they need for their classrooms. Schools have been modernized for twenty years and most schools are now online. The internet is located in 88 percent of all classrooms. Access to broadband has been especially important for rural schools. This has enabled the teachers to access online learning tools instantly.

The creation of a new product is not nearly enough to provide teachers with the support they need. The teachers must be able to use these products for their students. As the trends continue to shift from pencils and paper to apps and taps the teachers have no choice but to remain current regarding the new tools available.