Duda Melzer Looks To Keep The Family Business Feeling At RBS

The establishment of the Brazilian media company RBS Group by Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho in 1957 may not have been intended to create a family dynasty in the global media industry, but this appears to be exactly what happened. The founder later stood down in favor of Nelson Sirotsky, who has now stepped aside to allow Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, nicknamed Duda, to take over as CEO of the RBS Group and lead the company into the 21st century.

The appointment of Duda Melzer may have concerned some who were unsure of his background working in the North American media industry, but Duda has looked to keep the ethical nature of a family business through his links to alma mater Harvard University. The company now has close links to Harvard professor John Davis, who is regarded as one of the leading experts on family businesses and their operation in the world; Melzer believes the implementation of new business techniques and technologies is vital to the continued success of the RBS Group entering the 21st century. Using the skills and theories of Professor Davis is one of the signs that Duda Melzer is willing to look for the best ways of improving the future of the RBS Group without forgetting about the history of the media company.

Duda Melzer is well known for his love of new technologies and believes accepting the digital age we live in is vital to moving RBS forward into the future. Melzer has already become known for his use of video conferencing to remain in constant contact with his staff members no matter where they are located throughout the world.

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