Health & Comfort Benefits Offered By Quality Massage Chairs

Massages can offer extraordinary comfort and ease away the tensions of a long day and are often seen as a wonderful luxury. It would be fantastic to always be able to have the time and appointment availability to get a personal massage, but in all reality they often are simply not available each and every time that you might need one. It is for exactly this reason that a massage chair can be a useful and practical benefit in life.


One fantastic benefit of a massage chair is that it is conveniently available any time of the day or night for a customized period of time instead of the pre-selected blocks of time typically sold by massage professionals. Of course these relaxing chairs may feel like pure indulgence, but they can also offer health benefits in terms of relieving back pain, increasing lymphatic circulation, improving flexibility, and increasing levels of endorphins.

Increasing lymphatic circulation can be important because it can release toxins from the body through increased blood flow and a higher level of nutritional absorption in the area receiving the massage. Flexibility can improve through the continued stretching of muscles and the elimination of the tense feeling that leads to stiffness. The relief of pain, especially back pain, is a wonderful benefit of a massage chair. Many helpful aspects of the massage chair come together to potentially help relieve back pain depending on its origin. Relaxed muscles featuring lower levels of tension and better flexibility can help restore proper posture. Proper posture allows for support of the weight of the body in the most effective manner which can then decrease the pain caused by strain on areas of the body not intended to support the frame in that manner. Finally, an escalation in endorphins can be experienced through massage. As most individuals are aware, endorphins are credited with sending positive feelings through the body. These positive feelings can lead to lower levels of anxiety, a faster recovery from anything detrimental, and a reduction in discomfort and pain.

The best zero gravity massage chair  were first launched in 1980’s and have improved significantly over the years in their ability to effectively emulate an authentic human-provided massage.

There are now options that replicate the pressing, rotating, and rolling movements of the shiatsu massage with other massage chair options that imitate the longer smooth sliding and kneading motions associated with Swedish massage. Although there have been chair models which have attempted to branch out from these general techniques, the Swedish and shiatsu massage techniques have been the most successful emulated by chair mechanisms. Designers have worked diligently to attempt to closely replicate the heat, speed, touch, and pressure of a live masseuse.

In terms of models of massage chairs, there are a fairly wide variety. The investment involved in purchasing one can vary significantly, as well. Personally testing a massage chair prior to purchase is highly recommended, as one individual may believe that one model exceeds others in comfort or technique solely based on personal preference. There are fully reclining chairs, options featuring accessories, or selections with ottomans. Many of them are quite visually appealing and can even be selected to coordinate with your home décor.

Investing in a massage chair can have a wide range of positive benefits for the user. While it may take a few tests to find the one which suits your needs best, the limitless convenience of having a mechanism to increase blood flow, reduce tension, aid in flexibility, and create higher levels of endorphins seem well worth the investment of time and money in a quality massage chair.