How Shea Butter Benefits the Hair


The Benefits of Shea Butter


Most women struggle with dry and flaky skin at one time or another. For most of us, this problem seems to hit during the winter when the air is especially dry.

Furthermore, specific areas of your body like the elbows, feet and knees may be especially affected by winter dryness. To fix these issues, many women turn to store-bought lotions and moisturizers, but did you know that there’s a better alternative?


It’s called shea butter, and it’s not only amazing for your skin, but it can also greatly benefit the quality of your hair. If you tend to have lackluster hair that often looks dull and dry or lots of split ends, shea butter is wonderful for a laying down each individual strand’s cuticle. This creates a lovely, shiny look that any woman would be envious of.


Where to Find the Best Shea Butter


Many women who are looking to transform their skin and hair with shea butter remain unsure about which brand of shea butter to purchase. My recommendation is to purchase shea butter from EuGenia Shea. If you’ve never heard of EuGenia Shea before, this is an amazing company. The company was started in northern Ghana, a country in Africa.


It was founded by the female members of a family in Ghana who had a love for shea butter, and those same family members still own and operate EuGenia Shea today. All of the products from this company are 100 percent organic and all-natural. Their products make great gifts, or they are perfect for yourself. The products from EuGenia Shea are especially wonderful for women who are pregnant or nursing. Shea butter can be amazing for your hair and skin, but it can also help to prevent stretch marks on your stomach from birth and stretch marks on your breasts during pregnancy and breast-feeding.


If you would like to order products from EuGenia Shea, simply visit their website where you will find all of their amazing offerings at your fingertips. Finally, don’t forget that shea butter from Eugenia Shea makes an amazing gift for any woman in your life.