Infinity Group Australia Helping The Poor Financial Deals

This is an organization operating in Australia and it was created so that it could help the citizens to reduce their debts, secure their future and create wealth. The success came from the creation of a relationship with integrity, trust, passion, and care. The organization believes in most of the families to be receiving poor deals from the financial institutions and it drives to fix it. The founder of the organization is Graeme Holm.


Graeme holm is a man who has been in financial service field for more than 15 years. He is described in the list of people known to have completed credentials when it comes to financial planning, real estate and capital at large. In more than 10 years, Graeme Holm has been able o serve banking environment. The reason that appalled Graeme to be able to start the organization was due to the offer from the financial services, where they could offer poor deals especially to most of the families that are in the country. It is an inspiration that he got and he talked much about it in an interview.


In the interview, Graeme Holm was able to make the difference that is existing between Infinity and traditional broker. The first different thing is how the approach of things start. In the organization, they seek details which surround the household expenses and also the outgoing needs of the family without only looking at wants. The group is able to work with its clients after multiple meetings so that they can understand and then assist them to implement a weekly budget for the necessities which are not limited to fuel, travel expenses, entertainment, and groceries. After the application has been approved and then the loan becomes settled, then that is the end of a traditional broker and it is the point where Infinity Group will start. The clients are given personal banker who will help them to pay their loan very quickly and as soon as possible. The greatest achievement of the year was to reduce $96,271 which was for 1 year that was from a certain young couple. The organization will provide a monthly performance report to its clients which will enable them to ascertain whether they can adjust their family budget or check whether they are performing according to their expectation and goals. The other thing is that the clients are also given six months review to ensure that there are commitment and success which will help to reduce the family mortgage.


The infinity Group approach has been approached differently by the borrowers where most of them love it. The reason is that they can now get a good time to work, give themselves time to spend with their loved ones and in the end, their bills are taken care of. This is a way that they have managed to reduce the stress experienced by the borrowers. Learn more:


The organization has even been nominated for awards like Optus Business Awards that took place in 2017 due to their customer service experience. This is something that has reflected the company that they lack clients but have financial family members.