Milan Kordestani is The Founder of Milan Farms – Provides an Honest and Transparent Option For Food

Milan Kordestani is the founder of Milan Farms, a company which offers an honest and transparent option for raising animals and plants. The company wants to be in a position to provide pure and ethically-sourced food. Modern consumers don’t want any secrets over where their food comes from, so Milan farms offers these individuals a choice over where and how their food is produced as more and more consumers are looking for quality.

Aside from being the founder of Milan Farms, Milan Kordestani is quite an accomplished individual. He is a journalist, and a nationally competing equestrian rider. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, and graduated in 2017 from Sacred Heart Preparatory in 2017 and currently is in college. He founded Milan Farms while he was still a student in high school, in 2015.

Milan Farms is a farm which provides eggs, saffron, and herbs to consumers. Many of its customers purchase their products online. The company comprises 3 different farms, all of which are around the west coast. Milan Farms even has a location in Colorado where they distribute eggs to. For growing saffron, the company is interested in looking at aquaponic and hydroponic systems to make growing more efficient. The research centers around looking at varying the level of salinity in the water and changing the mineral levels of the drip irrigation. The aim of modifying these levels is to produce a perfect crop with the help of their irrigation procedures.

In addition to founding Milan Farms, he also founded a music label called Guin Records with his sister. He also aims to launch a mobile app called Dormzi in the Summer of 2018, which is a mobile app aimed at college students. This comes in addition to a book which is aimed at helping young entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses.