Omar Boraie Has Done the Impossible

The New Jersey state Senate recently held a celebration in honor of the man known as Omar Boraie. They held the celebration in his honor because he had single-handedly turned around the dying city of New Brunswick, New Jersey. He was able to turn the city around because he had the determination necessary to make it succeed.

It all started when Sam Boraie visited the continent of Europe. During his time there, he saw many amazing cities and knew he wanted New Brunswick to become as influential as those. He began speaking to the city mayors and discovered it requires four principles to turn a city around. The first principle was that the city required that families wanted to live there. The second principle was a growing job market to attract new citizens to the city. The third principle was a unification of all the power brokers. The fourth principle was a strong and growing middle class.

Omar Boraie began plotting how he would be able to bring the families back to the city of New Brunswick. After much deliberation, he decided the best chance they had was to focus on working with nonprofits and churches. He told the churches and the nonprofits to submit to him their plans on how to build relationship between the families. The plans that he thought would be successful were the ones he funded personally.

According to NY Times, Omar Boraie then began working with local businesses in order to stabilize the job market. His main goal was to get Johnson & Johnson to publicly declare that they would stay in the area. The reason for this was that they were the largest employer in the city at that time. If New Brunswick lost them, then they would continue losing businesses. However, if they kept them, they would be able to entice more businesses to come.

Omar Boraie also worked with the various power players in the city to determine how to bring all of their organizations together to make the city of New Brunswick their top priority.

Omar Boraie also began implementing a strategy to bring back the middle class. He knew that the middle class wanted affordable real estate so that they could start their practices for cheap. He gave them what they wanted by building higher class real estate and selling it to them at affordable prices. This brought in doctors, surgeons, counselors, and psychiatrists. You can search on Yahoo to see more.

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