Wen By Chaz Has The World’s Most Unique Formula

There are quite a few women out there who are looking for a way to make their hair come alive again. They are seeking a shampoo they know will help them fix their hair after years of damage, and they will find what they need in WEN Hair by Chaz. This article explains how the shampoo works, and there is a look at hoe Chaz Dean brought it to life.

#1: Finding Women With Problem Hair

Women who have problem hair have looked for ages for hair care products that will suit them, and they are hoping for a shampoo that will wash them well at any time. WEN Hair by Chaz works really well, and it helps women when they know they must stop the endless cycle of damage.

#2: The Conditioner

Chaz Dean insisted on putting a conditioner in the shampoo, and he is ensuring women may wash their hair well with a bottle that is quite simple to use. These women are looking for something that requires very little product on ebay.com, and they have found it in Wen by Chaz. The shampoo requires a drop that will help make hair lather, and women may wash their hair with ease. Anyone who has trouble with their hair will feel a difference as the shampoo sinks into their scalp, and they will enjoy using it every day as their hair improves.

#3: How Does Hair Recover?

WEN Hair works because it helps make hair thicker than it was before. The hair will begin to grow in a way that it did not before, and the hair will have stronger roots. Hair darkens when it is washed in this manner, and a lady with frizzy hair will have more hair than she may manage. It will be time to have her hair trimmed or thinned, and she may use the product until her hair is so voluminous that she must change her style completely.

The woman who is trying to fix her hair must use a proper shampoo, and she will have it in Wen by Chaz. The brand on Twitter was built by Chaz Dean to help women who cannot control their hair, and it helps hair grow into a mane that will be quite a lot of fun to style. See: https://www.youtube.com/user/WenHairCare

Nathaniel Ru – article recap

Sweetgreen is a popular fast-casual restaurant that caters to urban professionals, and is clustered in the chic enclaves within New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Boston, and California, (primarily in Silicon Valley). The chain, which has become a leader in sustainability and local food sourcing, was founded by Nathaniel Ru, a 2007 graduate of the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University, along with two fellow alumni. Ru, along with Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet, continue to lead the ever-growing company. The trio is based in Washington, DC but maintain homes in New York City’s Soho neighborhood, and Los Angeles.


Mr. Ru, and his partners, started the chain in Washington, DC, not far from Georgetown University, where they met, and centered the restaurant’s offerings around local, sustainable ingredients, with an overall theme of eco-consciousness. Mr Ru explains that a visit to local farmers comes first when sweetgreen is considering a move into a new market area. Supply chain and product availability drive their decision making processes, and relationships with their providers is key to the success of the chain.


Sustainability, locally sourced ingredients, and a strong sense of community are the driving factors of Sweetgreen, and many attribute their continued growth and success to these principals. The three founders strongly believe that it is important to offer a dining option that fits its clients’ belief systems, both as a restaurant and as a member of the larger community.


In addition to their continued growth and guidance of sweetgreen, the three partners have also ventured into the music and food festival arena. With sweetlife, Ru, Neman, and Jammet, have created an event that is a celebration of great music and good food. Started in 2010, the festival continues to draw enormous crowds, while celebrating sustainable lifestyles and food options, all with a carbon-neutral footprint!


Nathaniel Ru is a prime example of a successful entrepreneur who looks at the big picture. Ru’s passion for ecologically sound business practices truly sets him apart, and Georgetown University alumni have a great example of success, whose attitude is worth emulating. As the Millennial generation comes into its own, new paradigms will come to the forefront and take precedence over the old ways of doing business. Nathaniel Ru is the embodiment of the ecologically and socially responsible business owner who is mindful of the impact, both positive and negative, that his business dealings have on the world.


Keith Mann: A Successful Entrepreneur and Humanitarian

Keith Mann is one of the people in the world who are quick to identify and exploit business gaps. For him the beginning of a good business lies in the ability to see what the people need and use this to create a good business. As such, Keith Mann is a successful director and CEO of Dynamics search partners where he helps the company’s with staffing, marketing, investment and internal strategy professionals.

The company was formed when Keith discovered that there was a rapid growing market in the hedge fund industry. It was solely to serve alternative investment firms. Before this, he worked at Dynamics Executive Search as a managing director. At this firm Keith helped to hire staff for all kinds of financial firms. He has worked in the executive search industry for over 15 years and is now an expert in hedge fund staffing, compensation and hiring strategy. It is with this knowledge that he was able to start his own company and make it very successful. Keith attributes his success in business to both his working experience and his upbringing that exposed him to the world of business at a very young age.

In addition to his business venture, Keith has shown humanitarian efforts in the way he deals with things that affects the well-being of the people. Over the years, he has contributed to the efforts by the police and activists to reduce violence in streets. In one of the instances he sympathized with the police trying to handle violence by sending lunch to the New York precinct. Keith is also an outspoken animal advocate and has led by example in his course against animal brutality by sacrificing meat and living a vegan life.

The biggest accomplishment to Keith is assisting students from poor backgrounds. He has partnered up with Uncommon Schools in New York to ensure that such students can access education up to the college level and make something of their life. It is in this spirit that he launched the Keith and Keely Mann scholarship for such students. Keith is a humbled man who has done nothing but serve the people of New York to the best of his ability.

Dick DeVos Has Been A Part Of Many Business And Political Endeavors

Dick DeVos seems to have been everywhere and done everything in his lifetime, having a long history in business, politics and philanthropy. DeVos has run his own company, The Windquest Group for many years now, and has invested in many local businesses through it.

Just recently they acquired the majority of shares of a Holland, MI brewing company. He’s also the husband of Betsy DeVos, a woman who has fought for school of choice and expanding private and charter schools in Michigan, and the person who’s also been picked by President-Elect Donald Trump to head the US Department of Education.

Dick DeVos worked for his family’s company, Amway Corporation starting back in 1974 and staying till the year 2002. Amway was co-founded by Dick’s father, Richard DeVos Sr. who built a company that sells household products and health and beauty supplies directly to the customer, and the customer can become an independent business owner who resells those products. Learn more about Dick DeVos: http://www.mlive.com/business/west-michigan/index.ssf/2016/01/devos_family_donations.html

Richard DeVos Sr. is also the majority share owner of the NBA’s Orlando Magic. Dick started out in various managerial roles at the company, and then became a vice president in the mid 1980s. Dick briefly left the company to serve as CEO of the Magic after his father bought the team, but returned in 1993 to become CEO of Amway and spent about 10 years expanding the company’s operations. He then stepped down to exclusively run The Windquest Group along with his wife Betsy.

Dick also served on the board at Grand Action Committee, a group of local business owners and civic leaders who helped bring in new building projects to downtown Grand Rapids. He also ran for the Michigan State Board of Education in 1990 and held the position for 2 years.

He and Betsy have channeled most of their philanthropy through the Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation, primarily focusing on education reform and starting scholarships for underprivileged families. They have also supported private school voucher programs and helped establish charter schools in Michigan, including their own West Michigan Aviation Academy. Read more: The Windquest Group – Contact

Betsy served as chair of the Michigan Republican Party for a few years, and Dick ran for governor in the 2006 race, coming up short to then governor Jennifer Granholm. Dick also authored the book Rediscovering American Values in 1998 in which he explains how important free market economics and other traditional values are to America.

The DeVos’s also donated a large amount of money to the Kennedy Center in Washington who renamed their art institute to their namesake.

Securus Technologies Helps Families Bond During the Holidays

In a recent video titled Securus Family Communication during Christmas, Securus Technologies advertised their video visitation program. The video was of a man talking to his son in one Christmas morning. Communication was made possible via a video camera. The viewer could also see the other person in the correction facility. The audience at the other end was a child who was home. While the two were talking, the boy went ahead to open a Christmas present. Although the father was detained, he could still share Christmas with his family. The video visitation feed has made this possible.


The video visitation visit is about how families can stay connected. Families can have a real moment even when one of them is imprisoned. The biggest benefit is to a child that gets to see his father. The kind of technology provided by Securus is an experience and not another product. Every child wants a Christmas gift from their parents. With the parent away, Children sometimes get deeply frustrated. The festive season may not be the best time for these kids. However, it is amazing to see an incarcerated father spend time with the child. The two share a special moment regardless of the fact that the father is imprisoned.


Throughout the Christmas and holiday season, the technology company allows inmates to speak to their families. The application rolled out a few years ago and is available in many correction facilities. The video visitation program has changed the lives of many. Securus understands the full significance of holiday. They know that giving children a chance to spend time with their parents is the best gift. These reasons led Securus to develop the video visitation tool.


Inmates and families always find it difficult to lead a normal family life. The lack of communication creates a separation that is hard to handle. Communications for families in correction facilities is critical as it helps strengthen the family bond. Many families with people in correction facilities spend countless hours visiting their loved ones. These visits are usually not easy, a parent working full time may find it difficult to get a day off. However, the video visitation program has created a great convenience and a unique family bond.



The Political Arm of George Soros

George Soros is a powerful figure in the world of politics. The wealthy billionaire has been a strong supporter of the Democratic Party for many years. He has been willing to put his fortune behind the causes he believes in. This includes presidential candidates as well as charitable organizations. Soros had scaled back his involvement in politics. However, the emergence of Donald Trump reinvigorated his desire to influence the presidential election. George Soros’ contributions amounted to tens of millions of dollars in support of Hillary Clinton. Soros truly believed that the Republican Party would not move to address any of the issues that he thought were important to the country.

Ironically, Soros supported the Barack Obama campaign that ran against Hillary Clinton. This is a decision that he would come to regret. George Soros felt like he never got the return on his investment in Obama. As Obama’s presidency evolved, the President did not seem committed to the issues that Soros considered important. He supported Obama again as he ran for a second term. However, it was known among his constituents that he actually favored Clinton. Sources say that he found her more accessible, and easier to relate to. Soros’s relationship with Barack Obama never developed into what he felt it should have been.

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Soros bands with donors to resist Trump, ‘take back power’
The Capitalist Threat

Many figured George Soros had lost his taste for politics after his experience with Barack Obama. He had dialed back his political contributions. Much of his charitable investments turned to philanthropic agendas. Soros committed 13 billion dollars over the span of several years to various human rights organizations. Issues such as healthcare and the spread of democracy throughout Europe received much of his attention. Supporting education in the U.S. and around the world has also been a top priority for Mr. Soros.

The emergence of Donald Trump inspired Soros to return to the world of politics. Trump posed a major threat to the Democratic Party. Soros would go on to become one of the largest contributors to the Hillary Clinton campaign in an effort to defeat the Republican nominee. His contributions allowed Clinton to amass financial support that more than doubled the Trump campaign. Soros was inspired by the Clinton effort. It was reported to then Secretary of State that he felt his connection with her was stronger then what he had with President Obama. He regretted backing Obama against Clinton in previous years. Soros called it a mistake. He revealed to Hillary Clinton that he likes to admit regrettable decisions. This endeared him to Clinton supporters.

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Introducing Sweetgreen’s Model of Fast Food

Sweetgreen’s new model of fast food service ticks all boxes of excellence in the modern food industry- organic, fresh, local and healthy. Customers have come to like the salad recipes at all 40 locations of the restaurant chain. One of the founders, Nathaniel Ru says that the restaurant’s biggest objective is to feed more people with healthy food.


Among things that traditional food stores could learn from Sweetgreen is perhaps its deployment of technology. As of February 2016, 30% of the restaurant’s transactions were being made via its mobile app and website. Ru maintains that technology has always been a part of their DNA.


Nathaniel Ru established Sweetgreen in August 2007 together with co-CEOs Nicholas Jammet and Jonathan Neman. All three are children of entrepreneurs and say that their idea was informed by the need to create more and better food options for residents of Georgetown. It looks like the entire country may as well benefit from their healthy green and salad preparations.


The three met at Georgetown University where they had been studying entrepreneurship. Three years after graduating, the restaurant’s first location was born in Georgetown. The outfit has attracted notable investors among them Danny Meyer and Steve Case. By October 2016, the trio had opened 63 more stores across the United States.


Nathaniel Ru was recently interviewed by the Fortune Magazine. He brags that his outfit stands for something- providing various nutritious options of salads. Ru states that management is not easy but can be lighter when there is a team of like-minded individuals at the helm. He advises youngsters to read more books.


Apart from technological expertise, the restaurant owners aim at connecting with customers. In fact, Sweetgreen has no headquarters. Instead, there are mere offices at each restaurant. The owners close their offices and work at the chains to communicate, serve and engage with customers.


There is a hip and modern company culture at Sweetgreen. Managers are referred to as coaches while other employees are called team members. Managers and CEOs personally visit farmers to ensure high-quality production of salads at the farms.


The co-founders say that they sell not just salad and lettuce, but a brand and a lifestyle. The fact that the founders and employees are disciplined makes the restaurant trend-setting.


The combination of healthy fresh food and intuitive technology in ordering makes the restaurant outstanding. In future, it hopes to open more branches across the country and spread its popular vibe.

The College Basketball Betting

Are you one of the individuals who are looking for different ways of betting? The gambling world has undergone several changes, from betting on lottery tickets to betting in many other industries. Betting is one of the latest inventions in gambling, and people are earning a lot of money through this platform. People are now having fun and making money in sports betting. Once you have started betting on sports, it’s hard to hold back.

The basketball tournament is one of the popular betting games among bettors today. If you have just joined the industry, college basketball betting is the safest and best field to venture into. First of all, learning the basics of the field should be your top priority.

People who have been in the college basketball betting can tell you that it is fun, but one should never get besieged by their emotions. To be on the safe side always, it is crucial for a player to do some careful research on various factors in the team performance. Experts say that this is one of the best ways to enhance the chances of winning.

If you realize that your close friend is playing for one of the teams that have an average winning record, do not be tempted to look at the team. The most important thing is to focus on the winner. This means that you should only be loyal to yourself and not to other parties or groups. Never bet on a team just because you want to prove your loyalty because you will end up with a lot of disappointments.

If you want to be on the safe side always, it is also important to abide by some rules. This will also give you fair chances of willing. In college basketball betting, bettors do not need any diagnostic power. It is very easy to find relevant information about the performance of different teams and the team members. Before the tournaments start, it is crucial to check that all the members of the team are completely free from injuries. A small injury on one of the main players can be a disaster to your chances of winning a bet.

If you want to learn and also understand more about basketball betting, it is advisable to check the Covers.com site. All the information is provided in Covers.com, and you can enhance your chances of winning just by following the steps provided.

Malini Saba: Businesswoman and Mom

Who is Malini Saba? Well, she is a very successful Asian business woman who has a great impact not just on business and commerce in Asia, but in the entire world. She is also known as one of the greatest entrepreneurs and philanthropists in South Asia.


She is the chairman of Saban, a company that has lots of holdings and assets, such as holdings in technology companies in the US, oil and gas in China, and properties in Australia and India. She also started Stree: Global Investments in Women. This organization helps women in places like Asia, Africa, India, and Eastern Europe have access to the healthcare and legal services they are in need of. Stree: Global Investments in Women has been inaugurated by President Bill Clinton of the United States and Queen of Jordan Noor.


Malini Saba has faced many obstacles in her path to success, but she knew that she can never give up. When she first started, there were corrupt people who were trying to force her out of a particular area. She did not give up. She fought back, and her efforts paid off.


She started off by investing in more than twenty companies from the Silicon Valley, such as Paypal, Netscreen Technologies and Sycamore Networks. She eventually grew her business and is now an extremely wealthy and successful individual. She does not use her money just for business, but she donates large amounts of it.


She is one of the greatest philanthropists in Asia, as mentioned above. For example, she has donated a million dollars to start the world’s first Heart Research Center for South Asians at El Camino Hospital. This hospital is located in Mountain View, CA. She also donated ten times that amount, or ten million dollars, to residents of Sri Lanka and India in areas that were devastated by tsunamis in 2004.


She starts her days at five in the morning, so that she can contact her associates in Asia across the world. Ste then, at seven o’clock, makes time for her daughter and walks her to school, making time to talk and chat and become close and provide her daughter with a mother relationship. She also makes sure to pick up her daughter from school at three in the afternoon, because she does not believe in nannies.


Indeed, Saba is both a businesswoman, a philanthropist, and a mother to her daughter.

Nathaniel Ru and Friends Influencing Healthy and Sustainable Living

If you school in Georgetown, then you must know Sweetgreen either as quick lunch fix or a post-gym bite. A few years ago, only the founders Nicolas Jammet, Nathaniel Ru, and Jonathan Neman knew about its existence. The trio, while in their senior year in college, started discussing the limited alternatives there is for healthy and affordable feeding in the town. Loaded with only a business plan and no experience, the three friends began the journey to what we now know as Sweetgreen.


The journey opened an avenue for them to learn at every step and although the original location was only 500 square feet, it pushed them to rethink their strategy. Their commitment y was to create something sustainable with all healthy ingredients and benefits. Ru, Jammet, and Neman counted on the advice they received from architects, restaurant owners, and the Georgetown community.


Over time, they have learned why value-driven business is important and understood the impact of the community on a brand. Such are the values they continue to incorporate in their company, and this saw them launch a Sweetgreen in School program. The aim is to educate learners on the benefits of nutrition and healthy lifestyles. Since its inception in 2010, it has attracted over twenty thousand participants.


Change of Strategy

Sweetgreen’s second location started crumbling and forced the founders to change tact. They added music to their cart; hence, Sweetlife was born. Sweetlife is an annual food festival that attracts party lovers to gather with purpose. The idea is well-received by the local community and continues to evolve by the day as it encourages people to lead healthy lives.


About Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is among the co-founders of Sweetgreen, a green living restaurant based in Georgetown. Ru is a graduate of Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. He graduated in 2007 with a BS in Finance. The same year, he partnered with two of his friends and established Sweetgreen. The primary role of this green kitchen is to offer sustainable and local sourcing for healthy snacks. What guides this company is the desire to remain deeply rooted in its core values to create a lasting impact on the community.


What the Future Holds

The trio has tried in all ways to provide educational programs and access to healthy culinary options. With the dedication these three have shown over the thirteen years they have been around, the future looks bright and promising. So far they have managed to improve the quality of healthy feeding options on campus. Their hope is that the community will continue to build upon the progress they have made and invest in alternative eating. Also, the student and college management should gain knowledge and begin to understand the importance of eating and living healthy.