Richard Dwayne Blair Explains What to Look for in a Financial Adviser.

When planning for retirement hiring a qualified and skilled investment adviser in an important tool to use, one that can mean the difference between having security in the golden years or ending up with a spartan retirement fund that barely meets expenses. Finding a good adviser is something that requires care and research, Richard Dwayne Blair feels. In addition to looking through client referrals, firm mission statements, and other information. Richard Dwayne Blair also recommends looking at an adviser’s investment strategy, as it points to the firm’s investment style and will determine the type of relationship an investment expert will have with their client.

As an example of a strong investment strategy, Richard Dwayne Blair uses what he calls the “Three Pillar Approach”, which begins with obtaining a detailed list of a client’s economic strengths and their future goals and ends with an effective retirement investment plan designed for a unique investor, with a system of continuous monitoring and adjustments to maintain optimal return. By establishing the “Three Pillar Approach”, Richard Dwayne Blair addresses the important functions an investment adviser should provide for their clients and by tailoring the plan to each investor, he opens up investment availability to more people, including the risk-averse and those with limited incomes, by acknowledging the differences among risk tolerance and capital availability.

Richard Dwayne Blair’s “Three Pillars Approach” is one of many ways his Austin, Texas firm, Wealth Solutions, has benefits many retirement plans. He also maintains certifications in annuity, estate and trust, income, tax and retirement, keeping up-to-date with the latest investment options, regulations and tax implications through regular continuing education. Wanting to establish a long-term relationship with his clients, Richard Dwayne Blair works to earn a clients trust. As an independent financial adviser, he is not influenced by any specific investment and will focus more on client needs than a company’s bonus structure. By taking the time to evaluate and find a retirement investment adviser that addresses the unique investment personality each one of us has, we can avoid the common investment pitfalls and fund a secure retirement.