Rodrigo Terpins Expands Business Empire With Sustainable Wood Production.

Rodrigo Terpins is used to finding success in the cockpit of a rally car. As one of Brazil’s finest rally car drivers, Rodrigo Terpins chases adrenaline while personally willing himself to succeed. Born in Sao Paula into a family of world-class athletes, Rodrigo Terpins wouldn’t be blamed for simply sticking to his guns and working through his career as solely a professional driver. However, if you’ve ever met Rodrigo Terpins then you know that there is much more than meets the eye. Rodrigo Terpins is currently setting the entrepreneurial world ablaze with dynamic investments and an upstart company that might change Brazil’s wood production industry forever.


While we could talk all day about how Rodrigo Terpins and navigator Fabricio Bianchini scored a top spot in the Sertoes Rally, we’d rather look past his accomplishments on the race track in order to dissect the work that he is doing as a businessman and entrepreneur. The most exciting move that Terpins has made outside of the world of sports has everything to do with wood production. Terpins established Floresvale as an alternative to the environmentally damaging wood production companies that litter the country of Brazil. Floresvale is focused on sustainable operations and environmentally friendly business practices. Terpins goal with Floresvale is to provide companies with the wood that they need without ever turning against the beauty of Brazil’s environment. From buying second-hand farms to following environmentally friendly business practices, Terpins is serious about making Floresvale a transformative company.


Additionally, as an entrepreneur, you’ll find that Rodrigo Terpins is always looking for new opportunities. Terpins knows that entrepreneurs cannot rest on their heels in order to enjoy a single victory, much like a rally driver cannot simply coast to victory. As a result, Terpins is constantly evaluating the landscape in order to find future potential investments. If you were to talk to Terpins today, you’d find that he is enamored with the cannabis industry for both medical and recreational usage. After extensive study directed towards how beneficial marijuana can be as a medicine, Terpins is all in on the concept and may be buying into it in the future.