RSED and Preston Smith’s Legacy There

Rocketship Education has just short of twenty installments located across four states. Founded in Redwood City, California, in 2007, Rocketship Education had input from an early education guru and an expert in technology, John Danner. The pair is no longer in action at RSED, although Preston Smith serves the not-for-profit organization he founded in 2007 as its President and Chief Executive Officer. After Danner left in 2013, Smith had to take over important responsibilities to keep its success steadily rising upwards.

People that attend Rocketship Education are grades kindergarten through fifth and from areas without many high incomes, if even any moderate annual sums. Smith has utilized a blended learning approach that integrates six different teaching styles to help grow students into as academically-adept fifth-grade graduates ready to take on the toughest curriculum in their counties.

Educators have difficult jobs, especially those who have to make decisions. In-charge administrators often ask parents for their thoughts of how students are responding to lessons at school. If adjustments are necessary, teachers are expected to integrate them into their lesson plans or face other teachers taking over their positions.

Parents can even sit in or participate in interviews of potential staff members such as principals or instructors. This way, students get teachers that their very own parents think will instruct them as well as any private school in their surrounding areas.

Rocketship Education is truly one of the best educational institutions for elementary students at their most vulnerable points in life – the beginning. RSED is talked about all over the nation, boasting its 3,800-plus students in a whopping eighteen locations nestled in Wisconsin, Tennessee, Virginia, and California.

Preston Smith has been able to succeed as President and CEO of Rocketship Education by being there the past ten years, never leaving the proverbial side of his educational creation.