Serving Customers with Quality Communication Services-Securus Technologies

It is a leader in the correction and prison industry. At Securus technologies; we responsible for providing criminal and civil justice resolutions for the purpose of public safety, monitoring, investigation as well as correction. Since our inception; we have expanded our services as well as products and not only that but also we delivering quality products to our esteem clients all over the Northern America. Once a week our firm makes sure they have new products in the market. The efforts we make have maintained a strong relationship with our customers and most of them are thrilled with the services as well as products Securus Technologies offers. Emails and letters have been sent to us as customers express their happiness. Some of the letters and the emails are listed below.

  • A customer said that the LBS software that we use in conjunction with other security departments had enabled them to recover millions as well as other goods and drugs.
  • With the use of our products, clients said that they have been able to recovery counterfeit goods in the market.
  • Another happy customer noted that with the use of our telephone services they were able to monitor the use of drugs and alcohol in their correction facility.
  • Some of our customers who have used our services as well as products for an extended period said that they are forever grateful for our services and we will remain the vendor of choice.

We distribute our services all over the United States of America with our Head Offices located in Dallas, Texas. We have been experiencing tremendous growth since our foundation with our firm offering employment opportunity to over 2000 individuals. We have been distributing our services as well as products to over 3450 correctional institutions and reaching more than 1200000 inmates. We are dedicated to connecting all our customers.