Wesley Robert Edens, popularly known as Wes, attended the State University of Oregon where and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Business Administration in the year 1984. He is an American businessman who owns a sports team and deals with private equity investments. His career began in 1987 where he was a partner and M.D at Lehman Brothers until 1993, joining BlackRock until 1997 and later founded the Fortress Investment Group in 1998. Wes Edens led the purchase of Springleaf Financial Services, a subprime lender, under the Fortress Company. He is the Chairman of Nationstar Mortgage and purchased Milwaukee in 2014. Husband to Lynn and a father of four, and has hobbies that include horse jumping and mountain climbing.

Wes Edens is the Co-Founder of Fortress Investment Group, and the Chief Officer of Investment in Private Equity, Private Equity’s President, Principal, Head of Private equity and Co-Chairman since 2009 August. He is also Co-chief Executive officer since 2017 December and responsible for alternative business investments both publicly traded and private equity. The headquarters of Fortress Investment Group location is New York, and offices founded all around the world. Since April 1998 to 22nd July 2003, Wes Edens was Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Investment Group, current Co-Chairman and Principal of Fortress Credit Corporation, chairman of the Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors (20th May 2015 to 2nd May 2016), Director of Fortress Investment Group from November 2006, and the fortress crown castle international corporation. He is also the co-owner of Milwaukee Bucks, making his salary $54.4 million on a yearly basis.

This amount totals from Fortress Investment Group’s $13.4 million and $41 million received dividends as a shareholder of 63.3 million shares of the stock of the company. Wes Edens owns an NBA franchise within the e-sport, which consists of ten teams selected permanently as members of the League championship series in North America, for the Legend’s League. After the game is over, he offers advice on management of their multi-billion contracts and how to avoid financial crises or bankruptcy, on pro-bono services. The FlyQuest team’s location is Wisconsin’s Milwaukee. Employees within the Fortress Investment Group Limited Company describe their working environment as challenging, yet friendly, facilitating more teamwork and enhancing better communication. They highlight the opportunities given such as exposure in their areas of work. Interns receive the chance to learn from a group of investment professionals.