What You Need to Know About Jeunesse Global: Our Product Review

The main focus of this report will be on the uniquely-designed synergistic natural health and skincare supplements that perform incredibly well with $120,000,000 in sales during 2015 for Jeunesse.

Our review will begin with the foundation of unquestionably and undeniably understanding how much momentum and MLM magic have come about inside of Jeunesse Global. Obviously, this says more about their achievement than we can describe to an extent (still, numbers don’t lie). But we will investigate it all for you.

We’ll save the hype around network marketing and cut to the chase right away by giving you an in-depth review of some products they offer and if we think you should give them a trial.

To clarify for ourselves, we went looking and researching for the real facts and even any false alarms that are out there in order for you to make the right choice about Jeunesse as both a business opportunity and health product provider.

Before we look over Jeunesse Global as a business marketing opportunity versus a health-conscious lifestyle organization, our primary objective is to review and evaluate Jeunesse as much as possible, beginning with their most used and attractive products.

Who’s Jeunesse?

Jeunesse is a nutritionally-minded youthful aging health business founded by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis in 2010 from Florida which distributes skin care creams and wholesome nutritional supplements for anti-aging purposes.

With the sudden success and momentum coming about through word of mouth marketing, it is hard to argue about the effectiveness and benefits of their line of products. Jeunesse is based in the U.S. with offices all across the globe which includes Asia, Europe and Africa.

Initially, the business was created by a pair of experienced network marketers who knew exactly how to make a quality product line with an efficient network of distributors.

The Evidence Backing Luminesce

The company is primarily recognized for their leading skin care product, Luminesce. According to various testimonials from distributors and customers, Luminesce has dramatically positive impacts on the skin. Luminesce promotes cellular rejuvenation and new cell growth through stem cells.