The Career And Thought Processes Of David Giertz

David Giertz leads the distribution and sales division as the President of Nationwide Financial. Since he began he has successfully increased an $11 billion revenue to $17.8 billion. He is responsible for the financial products of the company including life insurance, retirement plans, specialty markets, mutual funds and annuities. These products are generally sold through banks, registered investment advisors, regional companies, dealers and brokers. He joined the Florida operations of the company in 1999 as the Regional Vice President. He was responsible for the Southeast territory. His 48 percent increase in revenues led to his position as Financial Institutions President in 2004.

David Giertz believes in giving something back to his community. This includes Millikin University, the Broward Girl Scouts and the Chamber of Commerce in Fort Lauderdale. He was educated at Millikin University and the University of Miami and earned his Bachelor of Science and Executive MBA. During his college years he cleaned and waxed floors at a grocery chain. He realized how many good people worked extremely hard and the importance of treating people with respect.

David Giertz believes in the importance of be positive and learning something new each day. This has helped him inspire others and ne happy with his life. He is also fascinated with the speed of technological changes. He feels keeping current with the latest trends enables a business to increase productivity and provide more value. He sees too much underappreciating in the world and thinks success comes from people helping people. To show his appreciation for their efforts he has taken his colleagues out for dinner.

Mr. Giertz believes a successful day begins with a healthy breakfast to increase concentration. He then looks at the morning news and prepares and organizes for meetings. This is how he makes certain all necessary issues are addressed, analyzed and solved. Some days he attends a business lunch and others he skims the business news while enjoying a healthy lunch. He takes a walk to get some exercise and begins preparing for the following day. He strongly believe in focusing on goal as a blueprint for life.